Best CDS Coaching in Lucknow

Best CDS Coaching in Lucknow


‘The work of a great educator is to take the student close to his dream. An institute, on the other hand is a cluster of great educators!’  Carrying the topic forward, today I am going to break down the key notions of the best CDS Coaching in the backdrop of CDS preparation.

CDS- the name is quite common. It is elaborated as Combined Defence Services, an umbrella term for the mutual exam held to recruit students for training in various branches of Indian Armed Forces. The candidates selected go to either of the following branches of Indian Defence:  Indian Military AcademyOfficers Training AcademyIndian Naval Academy and Indian Air Force Academy.

CDS conducts its exam twice a year. It incorporates two major processes: written test as conducted by UPSC followed by SSB interview.  Only unmarried graduates are eligible to take this exam.

The written exam involves English, General Knowledge and Mathematics except for OTA exam which has only English and General Knowledge. SSB, on the other hand runs for 4- 5 days and includes various psychology task, group task, written and verbal exercises, personal interview and conference.

When so much goes into the exam most applicants look for a good coaching to prepare well. Not good but the best coaching should be referred to when you are preparing for an important exam such as that of CDS.

The best CDS coaching in Lucknow for CDS preparation in trend right now is none but Centurion Education Pvt. Ltd headed by Mr. Shishir Sir.

Centurion Defence Academy certainly carries the meaning of its name in true sense- a commander, a leader! With the high record of training more than 5000 candidates, Centurion Defence Academy leads the student to right direction when preparing for entrance exams of Indian Armed Forces. Looking for a Best CDS Coaching in Lucknow, You are a right place.

The key features of Centurion Defence Academy which makes it the foremost option to choose for CDS exam preparation includes:

COURSES: Centurion Defence Academy conducts classes for any and every Defence exam course such as NDA, CDS, Air Force (X and Y group), Indian Navy, MNS, AFCAT, Territorial Army etc.

SSB: The specialization of Centurion, however, lies in SSB training which is held for 21/45 days under the vigilance of well experienced Ex- Defence Officers. They make sure there is complete coverage of all aspects of SSB starting from psychological tests to personal interview, group discussion, to physical tasks.

GTO: Centurion Defence Academy has the provision of having its very own personalized GTO ground. During the lengthy 5 day SSB interview session candidates are required to perform certain outdoor tasks. To make the students absolutely ready and well informed about these outdoor tasks, Centurion Defence Academy trains them in an actual GTO ground. It provides them a real- life idea of various physical tasks.

FACULTY: The teaching faculty of Centurion Defence Academy is endowed with an expert panel of Ex- Defence Officers and also prodigious subject teachers. The methodology is such that it suits students of every level. Lectures are conducted in bi- lingual form and the sessions are interesting enough to keep the students engaged.

CLASSES: There are regular classes as well as crash course for students in Centurion Academy. Regular classes, as derived from the name run daily while crash course is conducted during last days before the exam. It is specially designed for those students who could not attend the classes regularly and hence require last minute revision and study.

PRACTICE: If your aim is thoroughness and perfection then practice is your secret ingredient. Centurion Defence Academy conducts weekly tests along with providing mock tests and previous year papers on its official website to make the students realize their progress and areas where they need to improve.

PUBLICATION: Add to all of the above, Centurion Defence Academy has its own Research & Publication team which publishes books on every required subject of CDS and other Defence exam preparation. The books are precise, easy to understand, well researched and updated as per current syllabus along with previous year questions. These books can be easily availed from the official website of Centurion, that is, .

PERSONALITY: Last but not the least Team Centurion adds an extra effort to add plus point to the candidate’s performance by grooming his personality as per military requirement. In Centurion Defence Academy students are encouraged for interaction amongst class mates, participation in cultural activities and public speaking.

The above notions already hint how Centurion aims at more and more selection of students in Indian Armed Forces. Team Centurion goes deep to prepare you well, all you need to do is stretch your hand and join the efforts of Team Centurion to be successful.

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