Lieutenant Swastish Pandey

Lieutenant Swastish Pandey Inspires Defence Aspirants During Visit to Alma Mater

Lieutenant Swastish Pandey visited his alma mater with his father and sister and motivated defence aspirants by sharing his training experiences at the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Indian Military Academy (IMA). His father, an ex-Army, expressed his contentment and blessed all the defence aspirants preparing for the NDA exam at Centurion Defence Academy. Lieutenant Swastish’s sister, a bright student currently in the 11th grade, also wishes to join the National Defence Academy. Sir Shishir Dixit, the Honourable Chairman and Chief SSB Mentor  (Psychology) at Centurion Defence Academy counseled her and gifted her the SSB Prep book “Ranneeti,” authored by him. “Ranneeti: A Practical Guide” is the most popular choice among SSB aspirants.

Interacting with Lt. Swastish Pandey and listening to his motivational speech was an inspiring moment for defence aspirants at Centurion Defence Academy. Swastish is a proud alumnus of Centurion and he expressed immense gratitude toward his teachers and mentors who guided him during his preparation days.