Success Story of AIR-5 Recommended Candidate of NDA-149

Success Story of AIR-5 Recommended Candidate of NDA-149


Centurion Defence Academy is the best-known coaching for NDA preparation & the highest selections in India. In this article, we share the Success Story of AIR-5 in girl Shrutika Mishra Recommended Candidate of NDA-149 Success Story.


We have not wings, we cannot soar;

But we have feet to scale and climb

By slow degrees, by more and more,

The cloudy summits of our time.


Shrutika Mishra is one of our brightest stars shining over our mountains of selections and has become an example of the above poem and a role model for millions of people. Shrutika Mishra has made us proud by getting an all-India rank of #5 in the NDA-149 course Shrutika Mishra belongs to the city of Nawabs Lucknow and has completed her education at Mount Carmel College Lucknow. Shrutika Mishra has always been a gifted girl child; her father, a Lawyer by profession, is her biggest motivation. Shrutika wanted to follow in her father’s steps and be a lawyer. She always used to discuss law, court cases, and the constitution with her father. She wanted to bring a change by going into the legal profession.  But Destiny had some other goals. The Supreme Court gave a historic judgment and allowed entry of female candidates into the National Defence Academy. It is at that moment Shrutika decided to prepare for NDA.


Her Preparation Journey


It said that ‘a journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step’. And in the story of Shrutika, this single step was joining Centurion Defence Academy. She says that she was not very aware of the Army or other Armed Forces. But after joining Centurion Defence Academy, She says that my outlook and knowledge towards the Armed Forces completely changed. Shrutika highlights how Centurion Defence Academy guided her at each step of her preparation journey. She particularly mentions the role played by Shishir Sir. She says that Shishir Sir was like a pole star that always guides you in the right direction. Psychological guidance, motivation, and never-ending support of Shishir Sir helped her a lot.


Her SSB Experience


Shrutika says that SSB was one of the best moments of her life and she would like to live such beautiful moments again and again. Shrutika Mishra is a great example of the toughest determination. She encountered some problems in PPDT but she was not overwhelmed by this experience. Shrutika says that the guidance provided at Centurion Defence Academy greatly helped her during the SSB interview preparation. She was able to complete all psychology tasks due to guidance provided by Shishir Sir. Her one leg was fractured and undaunted by this accident she continued to give her best performance and was finally recommended by 11 SSB Allahabad.


Her Message and Motivation


Shrutika always wanted to be a motivation for others, she just need a proper platform so that she could motivate others. After Qualifying for NDA, She will be at a place where she will automatically become a motivation for others. Shrutika wants to give a message to every Defence Aspirant ‘Do not be afraid of small failures, only these failures will make you successful ultimately’.


Shrutika Mishra is one the brightest diamonds shaped by the Centurion Defence Academy and now she is shining over our mountains of selections. We, the Centurion Defence Academy believe in creating a mountain of selections, and every year this mountain of selection is touching new heights. Centurion Defence Academy has created a record for giving the highest number of selections in India. Highly experienced Faculties, the best infrastructure, and the best psychological guidance provided by Shishir Sir have together achieved this milestone which seems to be impossible for others. You too can be a part of this mountain of selections and live your defence dream.


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