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How to Crack NDA Exam in the First Attempt? – Check Tips

How to Crack NDA Exam in the First Attempt? Check Important Key Tips!


Imagine Yourself, Leading 120 Men, Flying a Billion Dollar Machine, Navigating a Ship as big as a city…Yes, This is Possible, but only in a Defence Career.  A career in the Armed Forces has always been a top choice among the youth in India. A career in the Armed Forces offers social prestige and honor. Adventurous and disciplined life in the Armed Forces has been attracting so many Aspirants. The level of self-satisfaction and respect you get in the career of the Armed Forces is unparallel. The chance to maintain physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle available in the Armed Forces is nowhere to be found. Centurion Defence Academy is Best NDA Coaching in India for NDA Exam Preparation. In this article We share Important Key tips for Crack NDA Exam in the First Attempt.


NDA is one of the doorways to joining a glorious defence career during or after the 12th class. NDA Exam allows you to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Through NDA Exam, Candidates get admission to one of the most prestigious training Institutes, National Defence Academy. At National Defence Academy, candidates undergo various tactical training. After completing training, candidates are sent to Air Force Academy, Indian  Naval Academy, and Indian Military Academy for further training.


Exam Pattern of NDA Exam


Particulars Details
Papers ●    Mathematics

●    GAT(General Aptitude Test)

Total Questions ●    Mathematics- 120

●    GAT-150

Total Marks ●    Mathematics- 300

●    GAT- 600

●    Total- 900



Tips to Crack NDA Exam in the First Attempt


We are providing some effective tips to crack NDA Exam in the first attempt itself. Candidates should follow these tips by heart to make their defence dreams a reality-


  • Read the Syllabus of NDA Very Carefully


The syllabus of NDA is the key if you want selection in NDA Exam in the first attempt. The syllabus includes all the topics that will be asked in the exam. Candidates should prepare these topics only.


  • Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers

Previous Years’ Question Papers are the best guides when it comes to passing NDA in the first attempt. Previous years’ question papers will help you to understand the level of difficulty and nature of the questions. Candidates should prepare considering the difficulty level of questions in the NDA Exam.


  • For Mathematics Continuous Practice is the Key


Mathematics is a highly scoring subject in the NDA Exam and candidates can get maximum marks from this part. Candidates should write down all formulas on a paper to revise before solving questions. Candidates should analyse where they are committing mistakes and revise those parts where they are committing mistakes.


  • Revise Grammar Rules and Vocabulary


English is one of the most important parts of the GAT (General Ability Test) Paper. Grammatical Questions and Vocabulary cover the largest part of the english section. Candidates should revise grammar rules and practice questions on them. Candidates should read vocabulary daily. Candidates should read one english newspaper daily to improve their vocabulary.


  • Continuous Revision in the General Studies


General Studies includes History, Polity, Geography, Economics, and Current Affairs. To prepare such a big part of the syllabus, Candidates need to revise this part again and again. Candidates should keep on revising important geographical terms, articles,  important events, and dates.


  • Make Concise Notes on Important Topics

Making Concise Notes on Important Topics is very helpful in revision. Candidates can make short notes of important geographical terms, articles of the constitution, and mathematical formulas.


  • Solve 8-10 Mock Tests before NDA Exam


Mock Tests are the best way to assess your preparation level. Candidates should regularly solve mock tests to check preparation level and analyse mistakes committed in the mock tests. Mock Tests will help you to increase your question-solving speed and increase accuracy.


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