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Introducing Smart Career Plan for Defence Aspirants


“What do you want to become dear when you grow up?” asked the neighbours.

“I will figure out something” the kid replied jokingly.

 Its 2019 but the same question hovers till now… with the same answer. If your situation is synonymous with this child, if you can relate to him, if you are uncertain about your career, then man this article is truly dedicated to you!

There is no scarcity of talent in India, what we lack in is proper guidance and opportunities. So Centurion Defence Academy brings to you a wholesome set of career, college degree and personality development. Before jumping to its master plan let me brief you a little about the Indian Defence as one of the best career option.

Wipe off your sweat; it’s not as difficult as the world has made it, in fact the Indian Defence is the most prestigious, dignified, and lavish career and the reasons are:

  •          The Indian Defence provides you a wide choice to enter one of the three professional fields: Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.
  •          All the 3 professions are adventurous and exciting. It is a great platform for physical and mental development as you get to explore tonnes of situations.
  •         The Indian Army has largest count of personnel. You get to relocate to various areas of India after every few years. Add to that if there is a war- war situation then you can totally show your fighter skills and potential. It grants best pension plan plus leaves plus vacation along with grooming your soldier personality.
  •         The Indian Air Force provides you two areas to work: technical and non- technical. There is career for flight lieutenant, pilot, airman and ground staff technician as well. If you like to fly high in the sky or you are interested in mechanics and aircrafts then join the Air Force and exploit your talent. Herein you get unlimited perks such as: housing benefit, insurance, accommodation, transport, loans, leaves and allowances. Most importantly the Indian Air Force also provides you an opportunity to pursue further education such as
  •         The Indian Navy is as stunning as the blue sea! If you have a zeal for exploring and travelling then join Navy because you get to visit various foreign ports. Add to that you and your family are entitled to 1 free rail travel in a year. Moreover there are sufficient leaves, accommodation, clothing, ration and free travelling facilities.


While the perks are tremendous so is the procedure. UPSC written exam for NDA and CDS followed by SSB interview are the two stages to enter Defence.


Defence Preparation + 3 year graduation plan = Smart Career Plan

To reach these heights nearly every student joins a coaching institute. It becomes crucial to select the best institute. Centurion Academy ranks at the top. It will change your complete outlook towards Indian Defence. The academy lends you training, strategy, books and guidance like no one else!

Situated in Alambagh and Indira Nagar, Centurion has been running over a decade and has a tremendous record of 5000 plus trained officers.

The core team comprises scholarly experts, namely A.K Srivastava- Psychologist; Col. Atul Kashyap, Lt.Col. Lalit Mohan- SSB expert, and S. Major Rishi Dixit.

Being an academy and not just a coaching institute, Centurion provides training for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, SSB, and NCC Certificate + Enrolment into a Graduation course + food and lodging. Isn’t that a rewarding pair?

SSB training is the expertise of Centurion. You can opt your own plan that includes intensive interview training plan and 120 hours of mandatory preparation.

Unlike any other institute we provide admission in Graduation course along with defence training. It’s an added benefit to your career as you get to be a graduate while preparing for the Indian Defence. We believe that proper counselling + proper plan= graduation + defence.

With the scheme of Graduation your career is secure and you will always have a back- up plan.

Students all over India approach us. Centurion lends hostel and mess facilities at a reasonable price. It is located in a peaceful environment, away from hustle-bustle of city. Hence you can easily concentrate on your preparation.

Moreover we impart enhancement of mental and physical capabilities. At the end of the training session you will witness a tremendous change in your personality.

Join Centurion- the Best Defence Academy to get a holistic experience, an amazing journey and a unique learning experience!

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