NDA Success Story of AIR 48 Harsh Kataria – NDA 151 Course

Welcome NDA aspirants! In this blog, we are going to introduce you to one of the brilliant students of Centurion Defence Academy, Harsha Kataria, who has secured AIR 48 in the NDA 151 course final merit list. Harsh is a written + SSB batch student of Centurion Defence Academy who cracked his SSB interview from 2 AFSB Mysore for the flying branch of the Indian Air Force in his first attempt. Let us explore the NDA success story of Harsh Kataria in his own words and see how he struggled to join his dream academy – the National Defence Academy. My name is Harsha Kataria, and I hail from the Alwar district of Rajasthan. I am thrilled to have secured the All India Rank (AIR) 48 in the NDA 151 course final merit list. In the written exam, I scored 459, and during the SSB interview, I achieved a score of 386. I applied for the flying branch of the Indian Air Force and successfully qualified for the CPSS, a mandatory test for aspiring candidates. Delightfully, I received a recommendation for the NDA 152 course for the flying branch of the Indian Air Force after clearing the assessments at 2 AFSB Mysore. Today, I am excited to share my journey of cracking the NDA exam and fulfilling my dream of joining the National Defence Academy.

Family Background and Aspiration for NDA

None of my family members had ever served in the armed forces, which made it both a dream and a profound responsibility for me to serve my nation. Joining the National Defence Academy (NDA) became my ultimate goal. This attempt marked my fourth and final try to crack the NDA entrance exam. Failing to pass in my previous three attempts had heightened the pressure. I realized this was my last chance, a do-or-die situation, as another unsuccessful attempt would render me permanently ineligible for the NDA.

Previous Attempts and Recognizing the Need for Guidance

Struggling after three unsuccessful attempts at the NDA, I recognized a dire need for proper guidance. Desperate for support in my final endeavor, I scoured the internet for a coaching institute that could help me excel. That’s when I stumbled upon Centurion Defence Academy while browsing through YouTube. Intrigued by their impressive track record, extensive alumni network, experienced faculty, and top-notch facilities, I felt compelled to delve deeper into what they offered. The more I researched, the more convinced I became that Centurion was the right choice for me.

Discovering Centurion Defence Academy

Choosing Centurion was a game-changer. Their comprehensive guidance wasn’t limited to just the written exam preparation; it extended well into the crucial aspects of SSB interview readiness. Moreover, their adept assistance in navigating the CPSS added immense value to my preparation. The academy’s consistent support became the cornerstone of my journey towards success. Their guidance not only equipped me academically but also instilled the confidence and skills necessary to ace the NDA, making my experience invaluable and transformative.

Centurion’s Comprehensive Support and Guidance

In my fourth and final attempt for the NDA, I managed to succeed after facing failure in the previous three attempts. It was a significant achievement for me as I cleared all three stages – written, SSB, and CPSS for the flying branch of the Indian Air Force. My journey has been incredibly challenging, but I persisted and overcame every obstacle. Now, my ultimate dream is to become a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force after completing my training at the National Defence Academy.

Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success

Centurion has been incredibly helpful not just in improving my written skills but also in shaping my overall personality. During my time there, I dedicated extensive effort to preparing for the NDA written exam, resulting in a commendable score of 459. Subsequently, I received thorough guidance for the SSB Interview, where I had ample opportunities to enhance my abilities in tests such as PP&DT, TAT, WAT, SRT, SDT, and more. Additionally, Centurion provided a dedicated GTO ground facility for practicing individual and group obstacles, enabling me to excel in the GTO segment as well.

Centurion’s Role in Academic and Personal Development

Moreover, I attended several mock interviews at Centurion, which greatly helped me confidently engage with the IO during my actual personal interview at 2 AFSB Mysore. Centurion also provides CPSS facilities for aspiring candidates aiming to join the flying branch. I received thorough guidance for CPSS at Centurion, enabling me to successfully clear the test and fulfill my aspiration of joining the NDA. I remember a time when I faced failure in the NDA written exam three times in a row. However, after enrolling in Centurion Defence Academy, I not only excelled in the written exam but also managed to crack the SSB on my first attempt.

Family Support and Gratitude

My family has played a crucial role in my success by providing unwavering support whenever I needed it. We originally hail from Alwar, but my father works at an IT firm in Indonesia. When I faced continuous failure in clearing the NDA written exam, I sought advice from my father during a visit to him. I discussed my decision and the final attempt I had for the NDA. He recommended seeking proper guidance. I want to express my gratitude to the Centurion Defence Academy, particularly to Shishir sir and the other mentors, whose guidance shaped my life. With their help, I was able to fulfill my dream of joining the National Defence Academy.

Advice for NDA Aspirants

For aspiring NDA candidates, it’s crucial to devise a plan, review the syllabus, identify areas needing improvement, and prioritize self-assessment. Most importantly, having the right guidance is key. In my experience, I opted for Centurion Defence Academy, which immensely supported me throughout the various stages—be it the written exam, SSB interview, or CPSS. Access to proper mentorship and guidance is equally vital. Therefore, focus on a structured approach, understand the syllabus thoroughly, identify your weaknesses, and seek the right mentorship for success in NDA exams.

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