Success Story of AIR-14 Recommended Candidate of NDA-149

Success Story of AIR-14 Recommended Candidate of NDA-149


Centurion Defence Academy is the best-known coaching for NDA preparation & the highest selections in India. In this article, we share the Success Story of AIR-14 in girls Siddhi Jain Recommended Candidate of NDA-149 Success Story.


धनुष उठा, प्रहार कर

तू सबसे पहला वार कर

अग्नि सी धधक–धधक

हिरन सी सजग सजग

सिंह सी दहाड़ कर

शंख सी पुकार कर

रुके न तू, थके न तू

झुके न तू, थमे न तू

सदा चले, थके न तू

रुके न तू, झुके न तू


Story of Our Proud Centurion and NDA 149 Topper Siddhi Jain is greatly inspired by the above poetry written by Harivansh Rai Bacchan. Siddhi Jain is one of the few rare people who put in consistent efforts and are undaunted by many setbacks in life. Siddhi Jain is part of the mountain of selections created by Centurion Defence Academy in the NDA 149 Course. She was so passionate about joining the Indian Armed Forces that she left selection in JEE to join National Defence Academy.


Journey of NDA 149 Topper Siddhi Jain


Siddhi Jain belongs to a civil and village background. She has always been a topper in her school days and got top rank in her district in high school. Proving her caliber again, she topped in her intermediate exam. She went to Kota for her preparation and got a good rank in JEE with 98.32 percentile. But Destiny had set a different role for Siddhi. Supreme Court had allowed entry of female candidates in the NDA and at this moment Siddhi got his long-awaited opportunity to join Indian Armed Forces. Siddhi says her father was her greatest support. Siddhi’s determination to join the Indian Armed Forces was so strong that she left her selection in JEE to join NDA. During her SSB, a Total of 138 female candidates were reported and 81 candidates were screened in. The dream came true when her chest number was called at 1 AFSB Dehradun and she was one of 14 girls to be recommended for the NDA 149 Course.


Preparation Journey of NDA 149 Topper Siddhi Jain


Siddhi says that Centurion Defence Academy was like ‘a lighthouse that guides all the ships in the darkest of nights’. Centurion Defence Academy helped me to enhance my personality. Here, She got a chance to interact with Army Officers who are mentors at Centurion Defence Academy. Mentors were used to motivate her and helped her in every possible manner. She pays her greatest gratitude to Shishir Sir who provided her with excellent psychological guidance and continued to guide her until she was recommended. Mock Interviews and their feedback helped her to be more confident.


Her Message and Motivation


Siddhi Jain is a motivation for all of us. How she conquered all odds that came on her way is a lesson for all of us. Siddhi Jain says that If you have it in you, then you will definitely make it. She says that do not mind unnecessary comments from people. She says that she is not very extraordinary, she is just like other candidates. She is very grateful for all the guidance and training provided by Centurion Defence Academy.


Siddhi is one of the mountains of selections produced by Centurion Defence Academy. Centurion Defence Academy is known for its mountains of selections in defence exams including NDA and She is one of those gems of Centurion Defence Academy. Centurion Defence Academy is like ‘Polaris’, the north star which guides all the defence aspirants toward success. You can also join the league of all those successful toppers of NDA and live your Defence Dream.


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