Success Story of NDA-149 Recommended Aaryash Pandey

Success Story of NDA 149 Topper Aaryash Pandey


Here, we’re going to tell you about our NDA-149 Aaryash Pandey success story. After reading the success story of NDA-149 Topper Aaryash Pandey, you will undoubtedly feel inspired and encouraged to enroll in Centurion Defence Academy.

“When you are doing any work, do not think of anything beyond. Do it as worship. As the highest worship and devote your whole life to it for the time being.– Swami Vivekananda

 Aaryash Pandey is one of the stars shining over a mountain of selections created by Centurion Defence Academy. Aaryash Pandey was recommended for NDA 149 Course from 3 AFSB, Gandhinagar. Flying airplanes always used to fascinate Aaryash, which is why he always wanted to join the Indian Air Force. Aaryash belongs to the league of those determined people who do not move even an inch from their aim. They think their aim is their life, worship, and everything. Aaryash did not do anything different, he did everything possible to make his NDA dream a reality. He was finally recommended from 3 AFSB Gandhinagar for National Defence Academy.



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Journey of Aaryash Pandey

Aaryash Pandey says that he always wanted to join the Indian Air Force because flying planes always fascinated him. But he did not know anything about joining the Indian Air Force. One day he saw his maternal uncle preparing for the NDA Exam and when he enquired about the NDA he came to know that he can join the Indian Air Force through NDA Exam. He never looked back after this and started preparing for the Indian Airforce with all his heart. When he was in 9th class only he started reading books of NDA. During his 12th class, he used to prepare for boards and the NDA Exam simultaneously.


Aaryash cleared his NDA Exam in the first attempt itself. It was very obvious because the hard work he put into his NDA dream is unparalleled. But in this journey, Aaryash does not forget the role played by Centurion Defence Academy and its mentors in his NDA Journey. He pays his warm thanks to the whole team of Centurion Defence Academy, especially Sir Shishir Dixit who provided the best psychological guidance to him. The guidance provided by Shishir Sir helped a lot in psych tests. He does not forget the contribution of Colonel RK Sharma Sir and Colonel Pramod Sir. Aaryash says that under the guidance of those highly experienced mentors he was able to live his defence dream.

In the Centurion Defence Academy, Aaryash says he got extensive exposure. He used to think he had lots of weaknesses. But after coming to Centurion Defence Academy, Our Mentors helped me to realise our strengths and weaknesses. He says that prior to coming to Centurion Defence Academy he had no knowledge of technical aspects of the Air Force and he lacked practical knowledge of the Air Force also. Aaryash says that after coming to Centurion Defence Academy, I lived among real officers who have actually served in the Armed Forces. Mentors gave me practical and technical knowledge of the Air Force.


His Message and Motivation

He was recommended from 3 AFSB Gandhinagar and at 3 AFSB Gandhinagar he learned very valuable lessons of his life. He says that during his actual SSB, he saw one candidate who was very chill during SSB. Everyone thought that he would not be able to qualify for SSB, but eventually, he was able to clear his SSB. Aaryash says that for SSB one does not need any superficial knowledge. He says that the qualities needed for becoming an officer in the Indian Army can be developed anytime with persistent hard work and determination.

Centurion Defence Academy has been fulfilling the dream of hundreds of candidates like Aaryash to wear the uniform of the Armed Forces for a very long time. In this journey, Centurion Defence Academy has created a mountain of selections that are as high as the sky. Centurion Defence Academy like every year has created a big mountain of selections in the NDA 149 Course. Centurion Defence Academy has given a total of 18 selections in the NDA 149 Course. If you too want to make your NDA Dream a reality…Join Centurion Defence Academy now.


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