Success Story of NDA-149 Recommended Anubhavi Shukla
Thursday | February 16, 2023

Success Story of NDA-149 Topper Anubhavi Shukla


Here, we’re going to tell you about our NDA-149 Anubhavi Shukla success story. After reading the success story of NDA-149 Topper Anubhavi Shukla, you will undoubtedly feel inspired and encouraged to enroll in Centurion Defence Academy.


 “There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women.”


A girl like Anubhavi Shukla, NDA- 149 topper is an example that in reality, women are mightier than even pen and sword. Anubhavi had to beat all odds to become one shining star in the sky. Anubhavi Shukla who hails from Raja Fatehpur Village, Raebareli Uttar Pradesh was recommended from 14 SSB Allahabad for the NDA-149 course. Anubhavi’s journey is a very inspiring journey of never-ending dedication. She qualified in the NDA exam after her one successful attempt and in her last attempt, she made it to the list of a few lucky ones.



Anubhavi’s Journey


Anubhavi belongs to the small village of Raja Fatehpur in the Raebareli District of Uttar Pradesh. She did her initial schooling in her village only in Saraswati Shishu Mandir. It was here only she learned the first lesson of leadership. She was appointed as ‘Adhyaksha’ in her 5th class. Later She moved to Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Raebareli for her further studies. Anubhavi tells that at Kendriya Vidyalaya she had complete exposure to her life. She got exposure to Sports, Fun and all.


She had a drop year after the 12th class and Anubhavi tells that It was the biggest learning experience for her instead of a failure. She got to know about NDA and CDS etc during this gap year only. She came to know about Centurion Defence Academy and Anubhavi highlights that it was the biggest life-changing moment for her. Centurion Defence Academy helped her to prepare for the NDA written exam in a very limited time. She says that Centurion Defence Academy used to conduct tests every Saturday and it helped her to develop a competitive spirit and continuously upgraded her performance.


Anubhavi is thankful to the whole Centurion Defence Academy, especially Sishir Sir who helped her to understand her personality. Sishir Sir’s psychological guidance helped her to know herself. Centurion Defence Academy’s current affairs classes and SSB practice sessions helped her to face actual SSB. She also highlights that it is more important to present your actual self during SSB.


During the actual SSB, She presented her actual self only as she was mentored during her SSB interview preparation at Centurion Defence Academy. She gave only natural responses during SSB. And when her actual result was declared her joys had no boundaries. She dedicates her success to her parents, Sishir Sir, Chief SSB Mentor, and  Centurion Defence Academy.


Anubhavi followed a  success formula which she calls the ‘Golden Triangle of Success’ and that formula is Determination, Consistency, and Hard Work. She believes anyone, no matter from what background, can do what she did and get successful in life.  Lastly, She wants to say to every defence Aspirant that Life is not perfect, but with hard work, you can make it better.


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Watch Anubhavi Shukla’s, Success Story


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