Success Story of NDA-149 Recommended Arpit Raj Singh

Success Story of NDA 149 Topper Arpit Raj Singh


Here, we are sharing the success story of our NDA-149 topper Arpit Raj Singh. You will definitely feel motivated and become enthusiastic to join Centurion Defence Academy after reading the success story of NDA-149 Topper Arpit Raj Singh.


“I want to continue the legacy of my village, Bajeura which was named after the great Kargil Hero”


These were the words of Arpit Raj Singh when he asked if he wanted to join the Indian Army. Arpit Raj is NDA 149 Topper and he was recommended from 1 AFSB Dehradun. It was the dream of his Father to join the Indian Army but unfortunately medically out. Arpit’s joy had no boundaries when he was able to fulfill his Father’s dream that he saw very long ago.


Arpit Raj belongs to Bajeura Village of Unnao District in Uttar Pradesh. His Village is famous for serving the Indian Army. At least a single member of every family from Bajeura Village is serving in the Indian Army. Arpit feels great pride in belonging to such a glorious village. He wanted to continue the legacy of his village and serve in the Indian Army. Arpit says that everyone serving in the Indian Army from my village is working as a soldier, not as an officer. Arpit wanted to end this and become the first Army Officer from his village.



Journey of Arpit Raj Singh


Arpit Raj is a great example for us that belonging to a civilian and village background you can become an Army Officer. Arpit Raj has been a man of letters since his childhood only. He was the school topper in the 10th class and the 12th class. He qualified for his NDA Exam on the first attempt only. But unfortunately screened out. In the second attempt, He wanted proper guidance for his SSB preparation that’s why he did extensive research on this. He decided to join Centurion Defence Academy due to its previous record selections and his fellow students and teachers suggested that he join Centurion Defence Academy.


Arpit says that joining Centurion Defence Academy because without it, perhaps I could not qualify in SSB. Arpit highlights the guidance provided by the Chief SSB Mentor of Centurion Defence Academy, Sir Shishir Dixit who is a psychology expert. He provided him with the best psychological guidance that really helped during his actual SSB. Colonel R.K. Sharma and Colonel Pramod Shukla Sir provided the best mentorship for GTO and other SSB Tasks. Arpit says that रणनीति SSB Book provided by the Centurion Defence Academy has been a greatest helping hand in his SSB preparation.


SSB Experience of Arpit Raj Singh


The SSB Experience of Arpit Raj Singh was one of the best experiences of his life. Arpit Raj says that his screening process went very smoothly as there was no fish market in his group. He actively participated in the group and always tried to reach a final story. During his psychology tests, Arpit most focused on his qualitative performance. During his personal interview, most questions were asked from the PIQ form. Arpit says that mock interviews conducted by Shishir Sir helped him to prepare for the actual personal interview. During his GTO, his main focus was on participation in the group. He gave ideas whenever his team was stuck. He took GTO as a game rather than as a test.


His Message to Fellow Defence Aspirants


Arpit says that if a person like him who belongs to a civil and village background can qualify for NDA, then anyone can qualify for NDA with hard work and proper guidance. It is the belief of Arpit that if you have it(OLQs) in you, then you will qualify for SSB. Arpit wants to become an inspiration for upcoming defence aspirants and wants to motivate them to join Indian Armed Forces as an officer.


Centurion Defence Academy has created a mountain of selections in the previous NDA Exam. Centurion Defence Academy is the only defence coaching in India that has given such a high rate of selection in the NDA Exam. Centurion Defence Academy has given a total of 18 selections in the NDA 149 course. You too can be part of this mountain of selections in the upcoming NDA Exam by joining Centurion Defence Academy now. For more information on our courses, you can call on the number provided on our website.


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