Success Story of NDA-149 Recommended Vishal Singh Chauhan

Success Story of NDA 149 Topper Vishal Singh Chauhan


We are here to share Vishal Singh Chauhan’s success story, who secure his place on the NDA-149. After reading the success story of NDA-149 Topper Vishal Singh Chauhan, you will undoubtedly feel inspired and encouraged to enroll in Centurion Defence Academy.


‘The climb may be tough but the view from the top is always better’.


These were the exact words of NDA 149 Topper Vishal Singh Chauhan when he was asked to narrate his journey. Vishal Singh Chauhan says that he did everything possible to join the National Defence Academy and in the end, his dream came true. Vishal qualified for the NDA-149 course with an all India rank 271. He was recommended from 22 SSB Allahabad. The success Story of Vishal is highly motivational for upcoming Defence Aspirants because even after getting screened out in his first attempt, Vishal did not lose his determination and continued moving forward on his defence journey. His journey culminated at the most beautiful destination called National Defence Academy.


Journey of Vishal Singh Chauhan


Vishal belongs to the Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh where serving the country by joining the Army is a tradition. Father of Vishal was already serving in the Army and he used to listen to stories of the Army and used to feel very fascinated after listening to these stories. Vishal says that initially, he had very little information about how to join the Indian Army as an officer. But watching a program on the discovery channel on National Defence Academy gave a complete picture of the National Defence Academy. Vishal Singh says that his father was the greatest support in his NDA Journey.


Vishal has completed his education at Lucknow Public School and was part of the NDA Foundation Batch at Centurion Defence Academy. Vishal says that his Father chose Centurion Defence Academy after extensive research and his father visited all coachings providing coaching for NDA, but he decided on Centurion Defence Academy only for NDA preparation of Shivam. Shivam says that he used to come back from school and join Centurion Defence Academy Classes for NDA. Vishal says that he used to revise whatever was taught at the coaching.


Vishal says that joining Centurion Defence Academy proved to be the biggest turning point for his NDA preparation and ultimately helped him to join National Defence Academy. Vishal says that Centurion Defence Academy used to conduct regular mock tests that helped him to assess his preparation. He also highlights that Centurion Defence Academy used to regularly ensure we interact with selected candidates and get inspiration from them. Vishal says that study material provided by Centurion Defence Academy also helped him greatly in his NDA preparation. He says that It was very easy to revise all the topics of NDA through study material provided by Centurion Defence Academy.


After clearing his NDA written exam, Vishal again relied on Centurion Defence Academy for his SSB preparation. He was screened out in his first SSB in Bangalore and Vishal says that he felt very dejected after this. Vishal recalls that at this point Shsishir Sir said to him, “ Try and fail but never fail to try”. Shishir Sir helped him to evaluate his previous SSB experience. His biggest weakness was group discussion because he was not very habitual in discussions. Vishal says that regular PPDT sessions conducted at Centurion Defence Academy helped him a lot to overcome his group discussion weakness. Vishal highlights that Shishir Sir, Chief SSB Mentor at Centurion Defence Academy, used to tell us how we have to write TAT, WAT, and SRT and bring quality in them. He recalls that Shishir Sir always used to say that quality matters more than quantity.


During SSB, Guidance provided for GTO by Colonel R.K. Sharma and Colonel Pramod Sir helped a lot. He performed so well during tests that his group already told him “do not worry, Vishal you will be recommended”. Three Mock Interviews were conducted under Shishir Sir and he provided Vishal with very valuable feedback on his performance. Feedback provided by Shishir Sir helped him to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses. He worked on his weaknesses and improved his performance in the personal interview. SSB रणनीति Book also proved to be a great help for Vishal. This book helped Vishal to prepare complicated topics like PPDT, TAT, WAT, and SRT.


Vishal pays his humble gratitude to Shishir Sir and recalls that Shishir Sir always said, “ SSB is a test of ourselves, and nobody can know better than us. So, why should we worry about it?”. Vishal still remembers that Shishir Sir used to say that Enjoy the process and go with the flow. Vishal too went with the flow only and was finally recommended by 22 SSB Bhopal for NDA 149 Course. Vishal advises upcoming defence aspirants not to forget to revise whatever is taught at coaching for NDA preparation. He also recommends focusing on actions and leaving results in the hand of God because we have no control over our actions.


Shivam Singh Chauhan is one the brightest diamonds shaped by the Centurion Defence Academy and now she is shining over our mountains of selections. We, the Centurion Defence Academy believe in creating a mountain of selections, and every year this mountain of selection is touching new heights. Centurion Defence Academy has created a record for giving the highest number of selections in India. Highly experienced Faculties, the best infrastructure, and the best psychological guidance provided by Shishir Sir have together achieved this milestone which seems to be impossible for others. You too can be a part of this mountain of selections and live your defence dream.


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