Success Story of NDA 149 Topper Praveen Bishnoi
Wednesday | February 22, 2023

Success Story of NDA 149 Topper Praveen Bishnoi


We are here to share Vishal Singh Chauhan’s success story, who secure his place on the NDA-149. After reading the success story of NDA-149 Topper Vishal Singh Chauhan, you will undoubtedly feel inspired and encouraged to enroll in Centurion Defence Academy.


“Failure will never overtake me if my definition to succeed is strong enough”


One day Grandfather and father of Praveen Bishnoi were going in a car with the commanding officer and the commanding officer said to Praveen Bishnoi that one day will come when he will be sitting in the seat of the commanding officer and someone else will be driving your car. That day indeed came to be true for Praveen Bishnoi who was finally recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad. It was the childhood dream of Praveen Bishnoi to serve in the Indian Army as an officer. Both his grandfather and father were serving in the army but at soldier rank, that’s why Praveen Bishnoi wanted to take a step forward and become an army officer.



Journey of Praveen Bishnoi


Praveen Bishnoi hails from the land of brave worriers, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Continuing the legacy of his place and his family Praveen Bishnoi choose a career in the armed forces Praveen Bishnoi’s dream came true when he was finally recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad.

Praveen Bishnoi recalls that he was recommended by Shishir Sir and Shishir sir said to him that he will be recommended in the SSB also. Praveen Bishnoi says that all the candidates finally recommended by Shishir sir were recommended in SSB also.

But Praveen Bishnoi’s journey was not so easy. In starting he had to face multiple failures including failure in NDA written and three times screen out. Even after facing a such setback, Praveen Bishnoi did not lose his determination to join the armed forces.

Praveen Bishnoi finally achieved his dream with an all-India rank of 415 in the NDA 149 course. From his class 11th only Praveen Bishnoi

Started preparation for NDA dedicatedly. He started enhancing his personality for SSB and also started preparing the NDA syllabus with his studies. In his first attempt, he could not clear his NDA written exam and in the next 3 NDA exam he was screened out but on his 4th attempt, he finally made it to the final list and became one of 18 lucky students selected from Centurion Defense Academy in NDA 149 Couse.

In his journey, Centurion Defense Academy played a very vital role and helped him to analyze his weaknesses and the mistakes he was committing in his previous SSBs. Centurion Defense Academy provided him with the best psychological guidance under Shishir Dixit Sir. The guidance provided by Shishir Dixit Sir greatly helped him in psych tests.

Praveen was able to solve almost all the WAT, SRT, and TAT, but the main focus of Praveen was on the qualitative side.

In his GTO tests, Praveen focused mainly on participating in his group and giving advice whenever his group was stuck. Praveen actively kept updating himself on whatever was going on around him. Praveen used to read newspapers daily, it helped him to give valid responses during group discussions. During his personal interview questions were mainly based on his PIQ form and his native place some questions were asked about his hobby also. Mock interviews conducted by Shishir Dixit Sir greatly helped him and feedback provided by him helped Praveen to identify his strengths and weaknesses. His joy had no boundaries when he was finally recommended by 19 SSB Allahabad after years of hard work and many failures.

Centurion Defense Academy has been providing a platform for defense aspirants to prepare for the NDA exam. . Centurion Defense Academy has helped hundreds of students to make their NDA dream a reality. In the latest NDA 149 course, Centurion Defense Academy has given 18 selections. . Centurion Defense Academy provides guidance and mentorship under the team of expert faculty and mentors, Centurion Defense Academy also provides the best study material for the NDA exam this study material is very helpful in qualifying for NDA exam because it is very precise and to the point. Centurion Defense Academy provides its students with India’s largest GTO Ground for SSB. You can call on the number provided on the website for more information on our courses.


Watch Praveen Bishnoi’s, Success Story


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