IMA Dehradun Passing Out Parade June 2024

IMA Dehradun Passing Out Parade June 2024

The June 2024 Passing Out Parade at the Indian Military Academy will occur on 8th June 2024. The Indian Military Academy, a premier institution, imparts training in leadership, self-discipline, and the art of war. The Passing Out Parade will mark the culmination of rigorous training for various Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) at IMA. The Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of MoD (Army), has informed about the IMA June 2024 POP through the official Twitter handle. Let us see what is special in the IMA Passing Out Parade of June 2024.

Training at the IMA

The training at IMA focuses on developing the intellectual, moral, and physical qualities needed for leadership in the military. It teaches patriotism, character, dynamism, initiative, and understanding, essential for leading in the Indian Army. The IMA June 2024 Passing Out Parade (POP) will feature Gentleman Cadets from the Regular Course, the Technical Graduate Course, and some GCs from friendly foreign countries.


Prestigious Awards at the IMA

The Reviewing Officer will give out the prestigious Sword of Honour, the Gold Medal to the top Gentleman Cadet, the Silver Medal to the second best, and the Bronze Medal to the third. The Chief of Army Staff will also award the Chief of Army Staff Banner to the company that performs the best among all training companies of the Indian Military Academy for the POP of this term.


The Pipping Ceremony at the IMA

The Passing Out Parade will feature the eagerly awaited “Pipping Ceremony.” During this ceremony, proud parents will place the shining stars on their sons’ shoulders. After this event, the newly commissioned Lieutenants will head to their assigned units all across the country to begin their military careers.


Proud Centurions will also be passing out from the IMA

Students from Centurion Defence Academy such as Akash Yadav, Swastish Pandey, Abhishek Mishra, Tushar Jeena, and many more will also pass out from the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun during the June 2024 POP. These proud students from Centurion Defence Academy had joined the 144th Course at the National Defence Academy (NDA). After completing three years of training at the NDA, they joined the IMA Dehradun for specialized training for one year. Now, all these gentlemen cadets will pass out from the IMA and culminate their training process. They will now receive a permanent commission in the Indian Army and will join at the rank of Lieutenants. Team Centurion wholeheartedly wishes them all the best for a bright future with the Indian Army.


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