PPDT and TAT Pictures
50 PP&DT and TAT Original Pictures 2023 for SSB Preparation
Tuesday | December 6, 2022

50 SSB PP&DT & TAT Original Pictures 2023

You must succeed in the SSB interview and receive a recommendation if you want to join the Indian Armed Forces as an officer. The Services Selection Board interview, which is conducted over the course of five days, is fundamental to the selection of officers since it evaluates whether or not the candidates are a right fit for the Indian Armed Forces. The 5-day SSB Interview consists of multiple assessment rounds to analyze the candidate’s intellectual capacity, cognitive functioning, physical endurance, and presence of officer-like qualities. In this article, we’ll talk specifically about the PPDT and TAT assessments, which rely on picture observation and story writing. 50 original SSB PP&DT and TAT pictures have also been provided for your reference so that you can practice the PPDT and TAT on your own.


Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)


The 5-day SSB Interview includes a number of assessment phases to look at the candidate’s overall personality, as we have already discussed. The Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT), a component of the screening process, is administered during the initial evaluations. It is used to evaluate people by assessing their capacity for reasoning, intellect, rationality, general intelligence, and time management. Applicants must create a story based on an image they are shown for the PPDT, a distinctive test, and then engage in a group discussion with other candidates. PPDT pictures are sometimes hazy and require movement as well as the identification of several characters, their moods, and ages. We have provided PPDT original pictures for practice below to assist you in improving your technique.


Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)


The first of four psychological series assessments, the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), is conducted on day two after candidates have successfully completed the screening tests. It is an evaluation of the applicants’ idea generation and thinking ability in a demanding or dynamic atmosphere. The evaluation of a candidate’s unconscious mental condition encourages the growth of their ideas. The TAT consists of 12 unclear pictures, and the candidate must create a response in the form of a story based on each image. We have included some original pictures for TAT practice in the section below so that you may obtain a clear idea of the kinds of pictures that are shown during TAT in the SSB Interview.


Some Useful Tips to Excel in PPDT and TAT in SSB Interview

In the tests described above, it is expected of the applicants that they will deal with the issue with innovation and take steps to bring about improvement. This test’s primary goal is to discover the candidate’s subconscious behavior. The candidates are required to write a relevant story about a real-life issue they have encountered in their community and how they resolved it to the best of their abilities. When candidates’ viewpoints are coupled with relevant conduct, their stories will accurately reflect both their societal values and civic obligations. Let’s look at some practical tips for constructing competent and positive PPDT story and TAT stories in the SSB interview.


  • Examine the pictures carefully.
  • Focus specifically on the surroundings.
  • Identify the main character as “the hero of the story.”
  • Maintain your optimism throughout the procedure.
  • Refrain from exaggerating anything you portray.
  • Be imaginative as you write your story.
  • When writing, use your imagination.
  • Stay focused on time and accuracy.
  • Avoid any type of deceptive or misleading behavior. 


Check 50 PP&DT and TAT Pictures



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