SSB Interview Coaching 2023

Best SSB Interview Coaching in India 2023

Top SSB Coaching in India 2023

A professional evaluation tool like the SSB requires close consideration of a candidate’s personality. This assessment cannot be analyzed properly without the direction of an experienced mentor. This article will provide you with detailed explanations on how to prepare for the SSB Interview in 2023 if you choose to go. Centurion Defence Academy is the best SSB interview coaching in India because it conducts a personality and character evaluation to help you improve your individuality while being guided by qualified SSB mentors. This helps SSB aspirants identify traits that are similar to those of officers. Let’s examine the salient features of the best coaching for the SSB interview in 2023.


Why Join Centurion Defence Academy for SSB Preparation 2023?


By enrolling in the most demanding SSB mentoring program in India, you can improve your SSB preparation for 2023 under the direction of the guidance offered at Centurion Defence Academy. Your personality qualities are examined by the SSB mentors at Centurion, and you prepare for the SSB interview in accordance with their recommendations. It has two centers in India, one in Lucknow and the other in Dehradun, both of which offer the same amenities and instruction. The key benefits of attending Centurion Defence Academy for SSB preparation 2023 are as follows:


  • Increased Chances of Selection

Enrolling in Centurion’s SSB course can help you improve your chances of getting recommended.


  • Holistic Development of Proficiency

Extensive preparation for the written exam while also honing your skills for SSB Interview.


  • Mentorship under Experienced Professionals

An all-inclusive learning opportunity under the guidance of professionals to excel in the exam.  


  • Thorough Understanding of Concepts

An integrated approach towards exam preparation with entire coverage of the vital topics.


  • Consistency in Interview Preparation

Guidance and support in maintaining a high level of consistency throughout your SSB preparation.


  • Detailed Performance Assessment

Assistance in identifying your skills and shortcomings so that you can progress even more.


Key Features of Centurion Defence Academy SSB Course


  • 1- New Batches For SSB Preparation Start Every Monday
  • 2- Access to Free Personality Test by DIPR Trained Assessors
  • 3- Individual Attention & Guidance Are Our Core Strength
  • 4- Free Spoken English & Personality Development Classes
  • 5- Psychology Guidance & Strategic Techniques for Interview
  • 6- Rigorous Training for GTO Activities By Ex-Board Members
  • 7- Availability of Fooding & Lodging Facilities for Boys & Girls
  • 8- Access To Free Study Materials Created by Our R&D Team


Elite SSB Panel of Centurion Defence Academy


You will be adequately prepared and coordinated by Centurion Defence Academy for each and every aspect of the SSB selection process. The competent SSB Panel at Centurion is composed of retired officers of the Indian Armed Forces with extensive experience and specialization as psychologists, GTOs (Group Task Officers), and interviewing officers. The following personalities make up the SSB panel of the Centurion Defence Academy.


  • 1. Sir Shishir Dixit- Founder Director CEPL, Air Veteran, Litterateur, SSB Expert (Psychology)
  • 2. Maj. Gen. AK Chaturvedi, AVSM, VSM, Trained IO (DIPR), Senior IO at CDA
  • 3. Air Commodore Shashikant Mishra VM, Senior Interviewing Officer, SSB Mentor
  • 4. Col Rajesh Kumar Sharma, GTO, Ex GTO-Bhopal & Kapurthala
  • 5. Col Pramod Kumar (Retd.) GTO, Ex-GTO, 22 SSB Bhopal
  • 6. Gurkirat Kaur – Center Head, CEPL (Communication Skills and PD Trainer)
  • 7. Dr. (Col) Ajay Bahadur Medical Expert – CDA
  • 8. Aditya Dubey (PD and Eng Spoken Trainer) Vice president-CEPL
  • 9. Yash Tripathi- Asst. GTO Coach


Additional Benefits of Joining Centurion for SSB Preparation 2023


The distinctive academic and social atmosphere at Centurion Defense Academy encourages students to cultivate dignity, sincerity, discipline, and adherence to fundamental human virtues. Through excellent instructional publications, workshops, and presentations, the entire Centurion Defence Academy team—including its SSB panel, staff, and faculty members—has made a significant contribution to the final selections in the defence forces. Let’s look at the additional benefits you’ll receive by enrolling in Centurion for SSB preparation in 2023.


  • 1- Centurion Defence Academy helps you bring optimism to your personality.
  • 2- At first, you get to know the entire SSB process and the plan to cover it.
  • 3- It provides adequate assessment sessions and practices for each test covered.
  • 4- Psychologists and interviewing officers at Centurion help you explore and know yourself.
  • 5- The SSB mentors at Centurion enable you to fully develop your personality traits.
  • 6- Centurion Defence Academy has its own GTO ground for maintaining physical fitness.
  • 7- Rigorous practice and mentoring at Centurion help you build confidence in your personality.
  • 8- You get complete exposure to national and international events to excel in current affairs.


SSB Interview Coaching in India 2023 FAQs


  • Which is the best SSB interview coaching in India in 2023?

Centurion Defence Academy is the best SSB interview coaching in India in 2023 with the highest rate of final selections. It has two centers in India, one in Lucknow and the other in Dehradun. You can enroll in Centurion Defence Academy for complete SSB interview guidance.


  • Does Centurion Defence Academy provide GTO training facilities?

Yes, the SSB interview program at Centurion Defence Academy covers the GTO training facilities under the guidance of ex-GTO officers and professionals where you get complete exposure to all activities included in the GTO tasks at India’s largest GTO ground covering 165+ obstacles.


  • How long does Centurion’s SSB Interview Course last?

Generally, the SSB course duration of Centurion Defence Academy is for 21 days, which covers all tests included in the SSB interview process. Based on strategic plans and smart schedules, your training is divided into different segments to help you excel in the SSB interview.


  • In addition to Centurion’s SSB interview training, will I receive study materials?

Yes, in addition to the SSB Interview guidance and training, you will also receive complete study materials such as the SSB book and other reference materials to enhance your preparation.

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