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Centurion’s NDA Student Saniya Mirza becomes a Fighter Pilot – Air 10 NDA 149 Topper Success Story

Success Story of NDA-149 Recommended Candidate Saniya Mirza

“जब आप किसी चीज़ को पूरी सिद्दत से चाहते है तो पूरी कायनात आपको उससे मिलाने में लग जाती है” When You want Somethig by heart, Whole World conspires to make it happen. This was the philosophy of Saniya Mirza who was recently recommended for the NDA-149 course from 3 AFSB Gandhinagar. Saniya Mirza a village girl belonging to Mirzapur of Uttar Pradesh, left no stone unturned to make her dream of joining the Indian Air Force as a Fighter Pilot. Ignoring All types of stereotypes, proud centurion Saniya Mirza has earned the honour for herself. Making Avni Chaturvedi her role Model, Saniya Mirza joined Centurion Defence Academy to move ahead with her journey of becoming a fighter pilot by qualifying NDA exam. In this article we share Sania Mirza Success Story.

Recommended at 3 AFSB Gandhinagar for NDA 149 Course

Saniya Mirza is a very special recommended candidate for all of us. She is special because she defied all types of stereotypes and social hurdles. Saniya Mirza did her schooling in hindi medium in state board. Many NDA Aspirants do not move ahead with their NDA dream for such reasons, but Saniya Mirza had a “never giving-up mindset’ that kept her continuously motivated in her NDA journey. Saniya Mirza dedicates this success to the ‘Girl Community’ and believes that “ Every Girl deserves an opportunity to prove herself”. Her passion to join Indian Air Force as a Fighter Pilot was so strong that she did not give up after one successful attempt.

Saniya Mirza says that being a village girl It was not easy for her to come to Lucknow and join Centurion Defence Academy, but her parents deserve loud praise for not listening to stereotypes and sending her daughter to study for her dream job. The parents of Saniya sent her to Centurion Defence Academy and kept on motivating her throughout his preparation. It is a common myth among aspirants that candidates of civilian and hindi medium backgrounds can not qualify for NDA, but Saniya broke even this stereotype by becoming the first Muslim and Hindi medium girl to pass NDA. Saniya Mirza thanks Centurion Defence Academy and Sishir Sir, Chief SSB Mentor of Centurion Defence Academy for their guidance and continuous support.


Sania Mirza Success Story – Screening and Recommendation

Saniya Mirza has qualified for NDA-149 course from 3 AFSB Gandhinagar. Saniya describes her SSB as a great learning experience. She had felt some fear as she moved ahead for her conference. But her never-ending dedication kept on motivating her. Her happiness had no boundaries when she came to know that she has successfully qualified for NDA 149 course as a fighter pilot.

Saniya Mirza has endless words of praise for Centurion Defence Academy. Only under the guidance of Centurion Defence Academy, She excelled in this dream and became a role model for millions of other aspirants. She dedicates her success to Psychology Expert Sishir Sir, who is Chief SSB Mentor at Centurion Defence Academy. She showers unlimited praises and thanks for the efforts of Interview Expert Major General A.K. Chaturvedi and Major Nasreen Fatima, GTO Expert Col. Pramod (Retd) and English Expert Aditya Dubey.

Saniya describes her preparation journey under Sishir Sir as a high learning experience and Sishir Sir’s PP&DT, SRT and WAT sessions particularly helped her to master these tests. She also thanks Aditya Dubey Sir for improving her spoken English and communication skills. Colonel Promod Sir gave her a clear-cut strategy for tackling obstacles in GTO and according to her Colonel Promod’GTO sessions made her more confident about all the obstacles.

Lastly, Sania Mirza’s Success Story gives a message to all to give an opportunity ‘Girl-Community’and She believes, “Every Girl deserves an opportunity”. From being a fan of fighter pilot Avni Chaturvedi to becoming a role model for millions of NDA aspirants, Saniya Mirza does not forget the efforts of Centurion Defence Academy. Centurion Defence Academy wishes that Saniya will touch new heights and glories in her career as a fighter pilot.


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