Group Planning Exercise (GPE) Practice in SSB GTO Tasks

The Group Planning Exercise, GPE in short, is one of the tasks included in the GTO part of the SSB interview process. This is the second task in the GTO round where the Group Testing Officer (GTO) introduces a model to the candidates and reads out a story referring to the model. He then gives the story card to the candidates and asks them to read the story themselves and assemble the essentials for putting down their individual solutions to the problems present in the story on a sheet of paper. In this blog, we will discuss the GPE in detail and answer various related questions that SSB aspirants often ask.

For the Group Planning Exercise (GPE), the total time is 15 minutes, with 5 minutes to read and correlate the story with the model and 10 minutes to write individual solutions on the sheet of paper provided.

In part 2 of this exercise, the GTO asks the candidates to discuss the solutions and arrive at a common group plan for solving the problems. Lastly, one candidate, selected by the group, is required to give out the group plan.

This story would involve 3 or 4 problems of a conflicting nature. Candidates are required to prioritize and address the issues systematically, allocating the available resources. The complete process will be read and discussed by the GTO.

Format of Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

In the Group Planning Exercise (GPE) task, you will be shown a model which will consist of certain problems. This task will be covered in 5 stages, as follows:

Stage 1: The GTO explains various features of the model based on the ground. He will tell you about the landmarks, direction, scale, and other features of the model.

Stage 2: The GTO reads a story connected to the model placed on the ground. The story has certain problems in it, like a person who is injured or any unsocial element mixing poison in a water tank, and so on. Doubts are to be cleared at the end of this stage.

Stage 3: You will be given the story card that the GTO read in stage 2 to read for 5 minutes, and thereafter the card is collected from you. Doubts, if any, are to be cleared at the end of this stage.

Stage 4: After collecting the story card from you, you will be provided with a sheet of paper. On that paper, you have to write your individual solution in 10 minutes, and thereafter the sheet will be taken back from you.

Stage 5: In the final stage, candidates are required to discuss among themselves the solution for approximately 15 minutes and arrive at a common group plan. One of the candidates, chosen among yourselves, will get up and give the group plan to the GTO with the help of a pointer.

Other Important Aspects of GPE

There will always be three or four problems in the model. One will be of serious nature, like a man bleeding profusely or a person unconscious. Such problems are given first priority. Then there will be problems involving the lives of a number of people, which are given second priority. There will be problems where an individual’s life is at threat but with a little time. Lastly, there will be small problems like a jacket or a camera left behind, etc. Do not ignore these problems.

When it comes to writing the group plan or solution, first, list all the problems. In the solution, after completing all the tasks, mention that the group will convene at a designated point and proceed with the initially planned activity. This is the essence of the Group Planning Exercise, sometimes called the Military Planning Exercise. For more details about GPE and video demonstrations of this exercise, you can explore the official YouTube channel of Centurion Defence Academy. There, you will find a number of useful and practical videos related to GPE and its components.

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FAQs related to the Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

The GTO task in SSB is a series of various individual and group activities, including the Group Planning Exercise (GPE), where candidates are assessed on leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

The Group Planning Exercise (GPE) involves candidates analyzing a scenario with multiple problems and coming up with individual and group solutions within a set time.

Practice GPE by solving sample scenarios, prioritizing problems and working on effective communication and teamwork skills.

First, list all the problems, then provide systematic solutions, prioritizing urgent issues, and ensuring all tasks are completed before the group members meet.

GPE is conducted in five stages: model explanation, story reading, individual solution writing, group discussion and presenting a common group plan.

The GTO task includes various activities like GPE, group discussions, lecturette, and many other group tasks to evaluate candidates’ overall suitability for the armed forces.

Candidates are given 15 minutes for GPE: 5 minutes to read the story and 10 minutes to write individual solutions.

The correct formula involves understanding the scenario, prioritizing problems, using available resources effectively and formulating a workable plan.

GPE works by presenting candidates with a model and story, requiring them to identify and solve problems individually, then collaboratively form a group solution.

Solve GPE problems by prioritizing issues based on severity, allocating resources efficiently, and ensuring a clear, practical plan is formed and agreed upon by the group.

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