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How to Perform in Group Discussion in SSB – GTO


Group Discussion in SSB is the first test in sequence normally followed in GTO tasks. It will be (20-25) minutes affair, you will be going through two group discussion, candidates are made to sit in a circle in numerical order of their chest numbers. The task is conducted in two parts. In part one the GTO (Group Testing Officer) introduces two topics for discussion and leaves the choice open to the candidates, to select anyone. He then asks them to go ahead and discuss the issue. The GTO usually gives 20-25 minutes for discussion and then calls it off, while going on to give another topic as part two of GD. The GTO will introduce the topic along with providing threads for discussion. The basic fundamentals that you must keep in your mind while participating in GDs are detailed below.

  • – Your information level and GK are seen through content of your views.
  • – Your ability to support your views with logical and meaningful arguments.
  • – How organised is your thought process?
  • – Your ability to express your views with complete clarity and ease.
  • -Your social attributes are seen through the way you engage others in the discussion.
  • – How tactful are you in dealing with difficult and group disruptive characters in the group, how balanced are your views about the socio-economic and geo-political environment of our society.
  • -Your self-confidence and energy level is observed.
  • -What kind of impact (negative or positive) is you creating on the others in the groups are observed?
  • -Your ability to withstand, and gracefully bounce back, from the setbacks received through counter-arguments given by others.
  • – Your mental stamina to remain continuously visible in a positive manner in the GD is seen.

18 Golden Tips to Enhance Your Performances in SSB Interview Group Discussion

  1. 1. Be on early entrant into the GD. Try to take the initiative but if not possible then you must be the second or third speaker.
  2. 2. Be totally rational with as many supporting facts and figures as possible. Do not speak continuously, as you may appear to be over bearing, so, speak more often, for lesser duration each time.
  3. 3. Give concise points relevant to the lead that you are supporting. Do not take of a tangent.
  4. 4. Preferably do not switch over from the main point that you decided to support and support it till the end of the discussion. However, you could link your point of view with the point of view being supported by another candidate by giving relevant arguments.
  5. 5. Remember it is not a debate so your endeavour should not be to prove the other person wrong but to support your own point of view with good logical arguments.  
  6. 6. The greater your knowledge base, the better you will be able to speak try and give some facts and figures and also give some examples history, recent times to arguments your views.
  7. 7. Be sensitive to the point of view and participation of others, encourage them as they give their views, and look very interested, in their view point, even if it is ordinary.
  8. 8. Do not be rude, radical or anti-establishment by blaming the systems, authority figures, and the government.
  9. 9. Always remain composed, cheerful, and show a high positive energy level. Maintain a smiling and pleasant disposition.
  10. 10. Do not lack horns, unnecessarily, with someone who is argumentative. Remain friendly, but firm while giving you point of view.
  11. 11. In case a candidate, is continuously interrupting while you want to speak, you could politely, with a smiling face, tell him please let me complete or let us give everyone a chance.
  12. 12. Always draw other Persons attention, before making a point, like I wish to add to the point if chest no.10 or i beg to differ with point raised by chest no.15 etc.
  13. 13. Be supportive of others ideas and counterview points with rational, where required.
  14. 14. Speak loudly, clearly and kept it short, do not grab and hold on to the centre stage beyond a reasonable duration that is required to make your point.
  15. 15. Don’t vomit all your ideas on the word go, you may end up looking silly it another smart candidate strips your point, thread bare, introduce your point sequentially based on the flow of discussion.
  16. 16. Most important is to speak and speak with conviction logic and relevance to the flow of discussion.
  17. 17. Here you don’t have to come to a common conclusion, you can express whatever you want in a proper manner.
  18. 18. If you are well informed, logical, well-groomed and a friendly person you will always do well in the group discussion. However, to know where you stand and assess your true potential you will have to go to physically participate in multiple GDs before leaving for your SSB.

Yash Tripathi
Assistant GTO Coach

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