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How to write the proper solution of Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

What are the benefits of writing proper solutions for Group Planning Exercise


Group Planning Exercise (GPE) is also known as Military Planning Exercise. It is conducted as a part of Indoor GTO Tasks. GPE is conducted on the first day of the GTO. In this test, Candidates are divided into groups and they are given situational problems. These situational problems are presented on a model/map. Candidates have to give their solutions for these hypothetical problems and discuss the solutions with group members. And after the discussion, the group has to present the final solution before the GTO.


Group Planning Exercise attempts to evaluate the following OLQs (Officer Like Qualities): effective intelligence, organizing ability, social adaptability, cooperation, ability to influence, and expression. In this test, GTO assesses the ability of candidates to use hidden resources and their proper utilization. GTO assesses candidates’ ability to work in a group through Group Planning Exercise.


How is the Group Planning Exercise conducted?


In Group Planning Exercise (GPE), GTO introduces candidates with some situational problems on a model (shown in the image). This model is like a map of a place. In this model, problems are located in different parts of the model generally at different times. Before starting this test, GTO will brief everything about the test (listen to this briefing very very carefully), and in case you have any doubts, ask GTO immediately. After the briefing, GTO will introduce the GPE model to candidates and explain the problems. Candidates have to write down their solution on a piece of paper within 10 minutes. Candidates have to discuss their solution for 20 minutes and reach one final solution. The group will nominate one person to narrate the final story to the GTO.


How to write the proper solution for Group Planning Exercise (GPE)?


Group Planning Exercise is the biggest nightmare for SSB candidates. GPE is, indeed, a very complex test as it involves a lot of problems and they have to be solved with a practical plan. GPE is not limited to the writing plan, it involves discussing and narrating the plan. Here, we are going to explain to you how you can write a proper solution for the Group Planning Exercise.


  1. Identify problems and solve them in the proper order


Group Planning Exercise involves many problems which need to be solved in proper order. Proper order means that problems that require urgent attention should be addressed first and other problems that are not very important should be addressed later. For example, If a human and an animal have been injured, in this condition you have to save human life first. The problems which are likely to arise should be solved later only, your purpose is to solve the immediate problems first. There might be some problems that you do have to solve at all. For example, if a villager has come to you to help him in searching for his buffalo, then in this condition you should not go with him to search for the buffalo. Instead of searching for the buffalo, you can ask some other villagers to search for the buffalo.


  1. Utilize Hidden Resources


In Group Planning Exercise, There are many resources that you can not see in the model but these resources are supposed to be there. For example, If you are standing nearby the main highway, then there must be some vehicle that you can use for transport. If you are near a village you can get many useful items and manpower. Utilizing hidden resources shows that you have a level of intelligence and you know better utilization of resources.


  1. Write down your plan considering time and distance


Time and Distance matter a lot in Group Planning Exercises because the model in the GPE is based on a scale (1 cm represents 1 km). So, Do not ignore distance and speed. If you are going from one place to another using a car then mention speed and distance. if you have to cover a distance of 10 km then, do not mention the distance only. While writing your solution, mention speed also. For example, if you have to cover a distance of 10 km and you are going in a car with a speed of 50 km/hr, then you will reach the destination in 12 minutes. While writing your solution take speed and distance into consideration. Type of the way should also be considered,


  1. Be realistic


While writing solutions for GPE, try to stay realistic. Do not write superficial solutions. Candidates should understand that It is you who is solving the problem, not any superhero, so while writing a solution it is very important to stay realistic. For example, if you get news that terrorists are going to attack your village, then you alert the police and villages instead of fighting terrorists. Candidates should know that they can not take things that are out of their capacity on their hands.


  1. Take Initiative


In GPE, merely writing a good story is not enough, it involves narration and discussion also. In narration and discussion, taking initiative is very important. Taking initiative is one of 14 OLQs also. So, if a candidate takes initiative it will show that candidate has leadership qualities. By taking initiative, candidates showcase their ability to drive discussions, make informed decisions, and effectively guide the team. This demonstrates their leadership potential and enhances their overall suitability for problem-solving tasks.


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