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How to write the proper solution of Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
Friday | June 4, 2021

What are the benefits of writing proper solution of Group Planning exercise

Candidates you all must be aware that Group Planning Exercise (GPE is the second task of GTO battery. In this test you will be shown a Model which consist of certain problems. This test is basically commenced in five stages which are as follow :

STAGE-1 : GTO explains only once various features of the model  Laying on the ground, he will tell you about the marks, direction, scale and other features of the model.

STAGE-2 : GTO reads a story connected with the model Laying on ground, the story has certain problems in it Like a person who is injured or any unsocial element missing poison in milk and so on. Doubts are to be cleared at the end of the story.

STAGE-3 : You will be given the story card to read for 5 minutes and thereafter card is collected from you, doubts it any are to be cleared at end.

STAGE-4 : After collecting the story card from you, you will be provided with a sheet of paper and in that sheet of paper you have to write your individual solution in 10 minutes and thereafter the sheet will be taken back from you.

STAGE-5 : In the final stage the candidates are required to discuss among them solution for approx (10-15) Minutes, make a group plan and one of the candidate among the group will get to give plan to GTO with the help of Map.

There will be around there to five problems in the map. One will be of a serious nature Like a man bleeding profusely or a person is unconscious. Such problem is to be given first priority Then there will be a problem which will involve life of a number of people at risk or some Kind of mass disaster, such problems are given second priority. There will be a problem where an individual person’s life will be at threat but at a later time, such problems are given third priority.

Finally there will be a small problem like Life jacket/camera is lift behind or cattle have strayed into the jungle etc. such problem must be given last priority but DO NOT IGNORE IT. There will be no Communication facilities available. Apart from this you have to divide your group into smaller teams and make proper use of man management.

You are also required to mention the means of transport ( always prefer to carry the injured by Ambulance or your private vehicle only to District Hospital) . Your actions must be clearly notified and you must mention the time & distance covered for a particular task. Normally candidates find difficulty in calculating the time and distance, so have I am providing you a method by which you can easily calculate it.

Suppose you are travelling by metal road by a 4 wheeler then your speed will be 60 km/hr , if by 2 Wheeler then consider your speed 40km/hr , if by 2 Wheeler then consider your speed 40 km/hr , In this way you can easily calculate time and distance.

In the below demonstration you can easily understand the method to calculate time & distance.






So by using such speed and guide Lines you can easily calculate the time and distance.

How to Write the GPE Solution

You may. Write the way you wan’t but you need to take care of these certain things –

  • Always mention your priority.
  • Division of group must be mentioned
  • Resources must be used wisely
  • Approach to the appropriate authority
  • clearly Mention the Time & Distance
  • Meeting point must be the same from where you were divided
  • Carry on to your Journey for which you were going on

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