Ideal Tips to Prepare Self Description test for SSB


S.D- not the storage device in your mobile but Self Description test is one of the crucial rounds of SSB session. Be it Indian Navy, Indian Army, or Indian Air Force, SSB is mandatory for all aspirants of Indian Armed Forces. It comprises of various written, verbal and physical tests. SD is one amongst them.

Time to probe into the details of SD sandwiched with expert tips to nail it:

Analysis of self, explanation of self alias self- description is one of the domains of Psychology tests as it succeeds WAT, TAT and SRD.

Your task in Self Description is to assess yourself inside- out and jot down the same on the sheet supplied. Your parent’s opinion, your friend’s opinion, your teacher’s opinion as well as your self assessment and aim in life is expected to be written in S.D.

The objective behind S.D is to probe into your strong and weak points, virtues, vices, merits, demerits, achievements, shortcomings and exceptional traits. All in all you have to present a miniature of your autobiography in SD.

Providing a climax to the explanation of Self Description test let me now draw your attention to some excellent tips that will aid you in amplifying your chances to write an impressive S.D:

  • Before you dodge on to the tips note that this test requires beforehand preparation. Yes you can draft a good S.D with all considerations before SSB session begins. It need not be an on- spot answer.
  • To commence with, get a thorough survey of yourself from your parents, teachers, friends and family. Do ask about anything you want to know about yourself in particular.
  • Once the others have reviewed you, do a self analysis. Chart out a table with essential parameters (e.g- strength, weakness etc) and write your observation in its context.
  • Now that you have all the data transform it in a good, smart description.
  • And here is a pre- planned SD. But, but, but… you need not memorize it like a parrot and reproduce the same in the test. This is just to give you an idea of what and how to write.
  • Moving further, to make your SD impressive take care of the following:
  • Emphasize on revealing your personality traits through the description
  • Be careful of not producing anything contrary in the SD and the interview
  • Try to minimize your sentences as nobody likes lengthy lines. For eg: ‘I am good and honest and my teachers believe I am quite responsible ‘could be shorten into ‘according to my teachers I am good, honest and responsible.’
  • Be careful of not exposing much of your negative traits especially no alarming point like ‘I drink booze a lot’.
  • Write your strength and weaknesses which is natural in every human.
  • When it comes to your parent’s opinion you can include different instances and advices. Add to that there is always scope of justification. For instance ‘my parents think I tend to be self- occupied’ could be justified as ‘that’s because I am quite a reserved/introvert person.’
  • Be honest to yourself and the board by giving genuine answers because the Officer in front will be a psychologist so no point of hiding, he will know you anyway.
  • Avoid bluffing or exaggeration of any kind. In fact when it comes to your weaknesses do mention that you are working on it and furnish it with an example.
  • Develop a good writing speed.
  • Lastly, be the real you!

Here is a mini example of one aspect of SD, that is, teacher’s opinion:

My teachers think quite well of me. They believe I am sincere and obedient. They like my narration and comprehension skills. They consider me a responsible student and hence have made me the head boy. Although an achiever in sports, my teachers advice me not to let sports distract me from studies.

Well then this is all about Self Description test of SSB, one- true analysis of an individual. A generous dose of above tips will fetch good marks so bookmark them.

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