Is Coaching Necessary for SSB? Check Experts Opinion

Whether coaching is necessary for SSB or not has been a question of intense debate. While many defence aspirants speak in favor of the importance of coaching, a few of them might also have different points. In this comprehensive article, we will try to explore if coaching is really necessary for SSB or a defence aspirant can manage preparation on his own. This detailed article on the role of coaching for SSB preparation covers all related aspects and queries. We have taken all pros and cons into consideration to provide you with a clear view. At the end of this article, you will be able to reach a conclusion with regard to coaching and SSB preparation.

Various concerns related to SSB Coaching

Whether someone should attend an SSB coaching institute or not depends on various factors. These factors include his or her level of understanding about the SSB interview procedure, confidence level, need for guidance and mentorship, presence of officer-like qualities (OLQs), knowledge of GTO obstacles, previous SSB interview experiences, if any, need of feedback, profile mapping, and many more such factors. So, it is not right to directly tell someone the pros and cons of attending a coaching institute for SSB unless these factors have been considered.

The interesting point is that all these factors and requirements that we have discussed above vary from one individual to another. They vary because there is a great difference in the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Someone might be good at GTO tasks but weak in the psych part. Similarly, someone might be good at clearing the screening but weak in the personal interview. Someone might need to boost his or her confidence level, someone might need to improve his or her speaking skills, while some candidates might need genuine feedback with regard to their performance in various tasks in SSB.

Always remember no one knows you better than you know yourself. In SSB, you need to present your true self; it means who you are in your real life. You better understand your requirements for SSB preparation. If you ask someone or search on the internet regarding the need and importance of coaching for the SSB interview, you might see straightforward answers, where people directly speak either in favor or against. They do not know your requirements and concerns, hence, it is you who should decide whether you need coaching for SSB or not. Read further to understand it better.

Why do people oppose coaching for SSB preparation?

There are people who frankly oppose attending a coaching institute for SSB. Actually, they have developed a view that in coaching institutes, candidates are coached and instructed in a specific way. For example, they should write a PP&DT story in a specific way as instructed, they should write their SRT responses in a particular manner, they should avoid talking about certain things in personal interviews, and many more such instances.

It is a major concern because this type of coaching can harm your personality and the development of officer-like qualities. Hence, you must refrain from attending such coaching institutes where everything is preconceived and there is no scope for personality development for SSB.

If you too have developed the same mindset regarding SSB coaching institutes, it is the right time to think about your requirements. All coaching institutes are not of the same type, and to select the best one for your SSB preparation, you need to make a comparative analysis of the various options available. If you have understood your requirements and really need the help of a coaching institute, go for one which not only coaches you but also provides guidance and mentorship so as to enable your true self.

Before you select an SSB coaching institute for your preparation, check its selection rate, guidance and training methodology, availability of required infrastructure and facilities for comprehensive understanding, and most importantly, the experience and profiles of mentors who will guide and train you.

Who should attend a coaching institute for SSB preparation?

  1. If you are someone who is new to the SSB interview procedure or is going to attend his or her first SSB and needs an overview of the process along with strategic guidance.
  1. Someone who lacks in the screening process, that is, OIR and PP&DT. If you are looking to improve your OIR value and gain command over story writing, narration, and group discussion.
  1. A candidate who has failed in screening tests multiple times and is completely clueless about what went wrong in his or her previous attempts; such candidates must join for feedback.
  1. If you are someone who is weak in psychological assessments and needs complete profile mapping under the guidance of an experienced psychologist to perform well in these tests.
  1. Someone who wants to understand the complexities of four psychological assessments and then implement his or her knowledge in framing answers for TAT, WAT, SRT and SDT.
  1. If you are someone who has very little or no knowledge about various GTO tasks and wants to get complete exposure to what these various GTO obstacles are and how to handle them.
  1. Someone who lacks self-confidence in tasks such as group discussion, lecturette, and group planning exercise, and one who needs to learn social adjustments and group cohesiveness.
  1. If you are someone who is a little introverted and needs to hone his or her communication and presentation skills and needs exposure to SSB mock interviews for holistic preparation.
  1. One who is constantly failing but believes in the power of the right mentorship and also one who cares about feedback and is determined to make improvements in his or her personality.


We hope you have understood all the major points related to the need of a coaching institute for SSB preparation. Now, based on your observation skills and analysis of your requirements, you can draw a conclusion. If you are of the opinion that you know the process very well and can manage to receive a recommendation without any guidance, it is up to you whether you should opt for coaching or not. However, if you are of the view that practical exposure to various tasks in SSB, constant mentorship, and feedback can help you earn a recommendation, you must go to a coaching institute to get holistic guidance.

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