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Lucknow Girl Cracks SSB for Indian Army
Thursday | July 4, 2019

With Dreams In Her Eyes, Strength In Her Aspirations NCC Cadet  Anchal Singh From Nilmatha,Lucknow Brought Laurels To Her Family And Friends By Earning Recommendation From Bhopal SSB for 46 NCC Special Entry.

Proud Daughter Of  Army Personnel Retd. Sub Indrajeet Singh and Mrs. Asha Singh, Cadet Anchal Singh has proved that  With Ordinary Talent And Extraordinary Persistence one can convert dreams into reality.

Her Journey commenced by acquiring NCC ‘C’ Certificate from 101UP BN NCC,Mirzapur. After experiencing three years of cadet life,the seed to join defence in her heart slowly started blossoming. Now her search started to choose the finest  Defence Academy Where She Can Join To pursue her dreams of getting Officer Cadre into Indian Armed Forces .Her Search ended when she got enrolled at alambagh branch of Centurion Defence Academy..

In her First Attempt For 45 NCC Special Entry-Allahabad, She Got Screened Out. She returned,did SELF-Introspection,  Did Not Loose Hope And Geared Up Again. She came back to the academy, Narrated her SSB Experience and got herself counselled for her upcoming attempts by the Director Sir. She Kept Faith in her efforts. She knew wonders require dedicated patience, high spirit, hard work and perseverance. She continued with the same spirit.

She remained to Be A Regular Student Of The Academy, the perfect joyful face, Participant Of All Extra Curricular Activities And Has Always Been A Volunteer For All Academy Activities. For any act to volunteer –“YES SIR”..these were the words we would always hear from her. She used to come in the morning itself, Do self Study and Group Study, spend maximum time in the academy in the disciplined environment clearing her doubts and taking extra tips from teachers whenever she got a chance to do so. She knew the path…she was travelling.

By this Time She Was Fully Prepared.. Application forms were released. She Applied again for 46 NCC Special Entry and AFCAT 1-2019. Hard Work Pays! She  cleared Her AFCAT 1-2019 Exam And Simultaneously started her preparation for SSB. Took Regular SSB Sessions, appeared for personality Assessments, Mock Interviews, psychology dossier assessments, GTO Ground Training and rigorous personality repair classes. She Was Also The Most Favorite Senior Of her juniors And Used To Guide Them Whenever required . Finally things were set, preparation was at full swing and josh was high..

With Full Preparation She Reported At 21 SSB Board, Bhopal on 28th June 2019..Total 360 Candidates Reported, 40 Candidates got Screened In and 10 Got Recommended. And amongst the recommended candidates, one was Proud Centurion Anchal Singh who  came out with shining success, And Finally Got Recommended on 3rd July 2019. She proved that all those early mornings and late nights matter in her accomplishment. Guidance by Team Centurions and her sincere efforts paid her off. She Also gave inspiration to friends and juniors that When one makes the commitment to follow a particular discipline, one is going to be thrilled with the results one gets. For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward. Disciplined approach teaches us to be patient and to realize that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race.

Also her AFSB is awaited, We know she’ll crack it too!

Dear Anchal! Best Wishes! Proud Centurion!

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