Master Guide To Perform Well in GTO – Part 1

Indian Armed Forces is one of best defence forces in the world today. It has proved its mettle beyond doubt over the decades & centuries. It has been possible and achievable through the bold, energetic and dynamic leadership at all levels. The officers have led the men from front at all times and in all eventualities.

All this has been possible due to a very scientific methodical process of selection of officers through services selection Board (SSB). SSB encompasses the X ray of Human personality of aspirants by the  three experts peeping into one’s head, heart and limbs thereby making a complete picture of Human Behaviour as required in Armed Forces.

The three experts dealing with this process are:-

1- Interviewing officer (IO)
2- Psychologist, and
3- Group Testing Officer (GTO)

Here it would be pertinent to mention the role of GTO whose technique is observational of group activities along with his group members. This technique judges their ability to work as a group and its functional capacity.

Team work is unimaginably essential in the Armed Forces. A good team member is an ideal candidate GTO is looking for during group tasks. One must posses certain qualities and show them while performing the group task.

1- Honest and straight Forward
2- Shares the load
3- Reliable
4- Fair
5- Complements others skills
6- Good communication skills
7- Positive attitude
-> Social Field theory
-> Group Development
-> Free Association
8- Group Dynamism
9- This is just a preface.
10- If appealing then rarious points shall be explained.
11- The task of GTO shall be tackled later individually.

SSB Coaching

Col Pramod (Retd.)
GTO, Ex-GTO, Bhopal 22 SSB

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