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Prepare for SSB Interview in 21 days

Prepare for SSB Interview in 21 days – Get to know more

The selection process for most defence exams like NDA and CDS begins with a written test followed by an intelligence-cum-personality test conducted by the Services Selection Board. The SSB Interview is crucial in the selection process because it decides the final recommendation of a candidate. There are two stages to the SSB selection procedure. Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT) are part of Stage I. While stage II comprises interviews, group testing officer tasks, psychology tests, and the conference. For Your SSB Preparation In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the SSB interview in 21 days.

  • A career as an officer in the Indian armed forces is incomparable in terms of recognition, social standing, and quality of life. 
  • When it comes to extensive SSB preparation for exceptional results, Centurion Defence Academy is always ahead as India’s leading SSB coaching with the highest selection rate. 
  • In the SSB Interview, candidates are assessed on their physiological, intellectual, interpersonal, educational, and behavioral attitudes by the Services Selection Board. 
  • The SSB experts at Centurion Defence Academy, with their professional mindset, help candidates to take them to the forefront of their SSB interview preparation.


Why Choose Centurion Defence Academy for SSB Coaching?

With its outstanding results and elite SSB Panel, Centurion Defence Academy is the best guide to final SSB selection. In recent years, the Academy has demonstrated its significance by giving the highest number of selections in every defence exam. Ex-Indian Armed Forces officers with vast experience and competence on the SSB Panel at Centurion Defence Academy ensure that you are adequately disciplined for each level of the SSB selection process. The Academy offers two short-term courses for SSB Interview preparation, one for 45 days and another for 21 days. Following are the key details of the 21 days SSB program offered by Centurion Defence Academy. 

  1. 1- Free Study Material
  2. 2- CDA Publication books
  3. 3- Mock test sheets
  4. 4- Psychology sessions
  5. 5- Individual assessment /Dossier assessment
  6. 6- GTO on-ground training sessions
  7. 7- Special lectures on Communication Skills and Personality Development
  8. 8- Mock Interview sessions: For 21 Days-2/3 Mock Interview
  9. 9- Regular Counseling Sessions by experts
  10. 10- Regular Light Parade Sessions


Elite SSB Panel of Centurion Defence Academy

  1. Sir Shishir Dixit- Founder Director CEPL, Air Veteran, Litterateur, SSB Expert (Psychology)
  2. Maj. Gen. AK Chaturvedi, AVSM, VSM, Trained IO (DIPR), Senior IO at CDA
  3. Col Rajesh Kumar Sharma, GTO, Ex GTO-Bhopal & Kapurthala
  4. Major Nasreen Fatima (Sqn Ldr Retd.) Academic Head, Ex. NDA Instructor, Khadakwasla, Pune
  5. Dr. (Col) Ajay Bahadur Medical Expert – CDA
  6. Aditya Dubey (PD and Eng Spoken Trainer) Vice president-CEPL
  7. Yash Tripathi- Asst. GTO Coach


Key Tips to Excel in the SSB Interview

After clearing the NDA and CDS, like written exams, eligible candidates are invited to an interview with members of the Services Selection Board (SSB). The SSB Interview is a combination of personality and psychological assessments used to determine if a candidate is eligible for induction into the armed services. The following are some of the most important considerations for candidates as they prepare for the SSB interview.

  • Learn everything there is to know about SSB testing and processes.
  • Prepare for a variety of tests, including the WAT, TAT, SD, and SRT.
  • Maintain your diverse abilities and knowledge in readiness for various tests.
  • Follow current developments to be ready for any queries that may arise.
  • Prepare for the GD and the Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  • Improve your confidence and oratory skills to perform better.
  • Improve your knowledge of your hometown to gain a better understanding of it.


We hope that this article on SSB Preparation in 21 days will help you to excel in the SSB Testing with exceptional results. Explore more relevant articles on our website to improve your knowledge and gain a better understanding of the defence exams. If you are preparing for the NDA SSB Interview, contact us on 9795977776 for the best preparation for the NDA SSB with India’s elite SSB Panel.

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