SSB Interview Joining Instructions
SSB Interview Joining Instructions for All SSB Aspirants
Thursday | September 29, 2022

SSB Interview Joining Instructions to join Centurion’s 21 Day SSB Program for All SSB Aspirants

The following instructions are a set of certain disciplinary procedures that must be adhered to by all SSB aspirants joining Centurion Defence Academy for the 21-Day SSB Program. These instructions include some important points that all SSB aspirants must keep in mind before coming to Centurion Defence Academy. Continue reading to learn more about SSB Interview joining instructions.

  • Stay Plan

Centurion’s SSB Program is basically for 21 days, but candidates can stay for another week in the hostel free of charge in case they have additional queries or concerns. Thus, candidates should plan for at least 30 days.

  • Health & Hygiene

It is mandatory for all applicants to follow COVID-appropriate guidelines and maintain their personal hygiene. Additionally, all candidates are advised to keep themselves physically fit.

  • Dress Code

Candidates have to bring three light-colored shirts and three pairs of trousers with them. They also have to bring their sportswear for GTO, which includes a white T-shirt, white trousers, white lower, a pair of white shoes, and white shocks.

  • Physical Fitness

Candidates are also advised to keep with them dry fruits as GTO training at Centurion Defence Academy involves a rigorous schedule and they need to control their eating habits and focus on their physical fitness first.

  • Stationery

Candidates have to bring a pair of plain notebooks, one for General Awareness, Lecturette and Current Affairs notes, and the other for Psychology, GTO indoor practices, and other sessions.

  • Early Arrival

Since our new SSB batch starts from the morning of every Monday, candidates are advised to come to the academy either on the evening of Saturday or Sunday so that they don’t miss any initial sessions.

  • Hostel Booking

To avoid last-minute chaos, candidates are advised to book their hostel seats in advance via online registration.

  • Prohibited Items

Candidates are not permitted to bring external SSB books, laptops, or any additional study materials because Centurion’s library provides them with proper internet access, computers, SSB books, and other important notes.

  • Cash & Valuables

Candidates are further advised not to carry any valuable items with them and to keep cash in the required amount only.



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