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SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions

Rapid Fire Round: Question Set for SSB

The rapid fire round goes under the personal interview in SSB, it’s a part of 5 days testing, and more readiness is needed for the personal interview or PI. Whatever you talk during PI checks and add it to your character, additionally talking with official’s attempts to find out about you by posing inquiries of various levels. On the off chance that you are repeaters, at that point you may realize that couples of nuts and bolts questions are constantly asked by talking officials. In this article we share SSB Rapid Fire Questions sets and tips for your SSB interview preparation.

Generally the beginning of the meeting lights with the personal interview round. When you will go into the meeting room and will attempt to make yourself unwind, the talking official will fire a series of inquiries on you and anticipate that the up-and-comer should address the whole inquiry in one go. The inquiries will be founded on your PIQ and your reactions in Psychology test.

In 2013, DIPR (Defence institute of psychological research) introduced the Rapid fire.


Why Rapid Fire Questions asked?

• During an interview, the interview asks you general questions based on your PIQ form filled you.
• The questions likewise here and there tosses a variety of inquiries (6-15 inquiries) that are expected to review by you and afterward answer in the arrangement they are inquired.
• The principle point of the Rapid Fire questions is simply to guarantee how you respond under tense circumstances.
• Likewise, it shows how mindful you are in everyday circumstances.


How to give Answer to the questions, asked by interviewer?

• Your confidence will speak volumes about you that are the key to excel.
• First of all, you need to remain quiet.
• Also reviewing 10-15 inquiries all in an arrangement is something troublesome, so review however much you can and answer certainly.
• Remember the purpose is simply to fabricate pressure on you nothing else. Show restraint. Be quiet
• Answer the question asked to the point and as many questions as you can.
• If you forget to respond to certain questions ask for and apologize to the questioner and complete them confidently.
• The purpose to check the cognitive ability, passion, and first thought.
• Don’t show that you are anxious or stressed, in light of the fact that it’s simply an interview.



Sets of Question which the interviewer can ask

SSB Rapid Fire Questions – Set 1

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Share me your journey from home to SSB centre?
  3. Tell me something about yourself?
  4. Your father is in police service, your aim to join Indian Air force?
  5. Why there is a gap after your class 12th reason?
  6. Tell me one challenge or a difficult situation which you remember, you faced and you handled: what you have learned from that?
  7. Why should be selected?
  8. If given opportunity which Aircraft you like to fly and why?
  9. Tell me about the basics and concept of flying?
  10. Why do you want to join Air force?
SSB Interview Questions

SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions – Set2.

  1. Tell me about your native place?
  2. Tell me about your family?
  3. Tell me about your education?
  4. Tell me about your hobbies?
  5. Tell me about your participation in games and sports?
  6. Why do you want to join Indian Army?
  7. Where you see yourself after 5years from now?
  8. Two major issues India is dealing with?
  9. Brief about the current status of Indian Economy?
  10. Latest update of farmer bill?


Rapid Fire Questions – Set3.

  1. What special preparation you have done for SSB?
  2. In your family who is closer to you, father or mother? And why?
  3. What is your occupation of your father?
  4. What your parents think about you?
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. What your friends think about you?
  7. What the particular quality they dislike about you?
  8. 3major problem which you think Indian facing?
  9. Difference between LOC and LAC?
  10. Tell me about the recent deployment


SSB Rapid Fire Questions Set 4.

  1. Tell me about the Indian Army?
  2. Tell me about the duties and responsibility of Army officer?
  3. What is CDS?
  4. What are his role and responsibilities of CDS?
  5. Who is the chief of Indian Army?
  6. If you are not got recommended what you will do?
  7. What sports have you played during schooling?
  8. Who are your best friends and why?
  9. What you don’t like about them?
  10. What they don’t like about you?

SSB Rapid Fire Questions Set 5.

  1. Tell me about your family background?
  2. What’s your education qualification starting from class 9th till now?
  3. Let me know about your hobbies and interest?
  4. Tell me about your strength and weaknesses
  5. Tell me your pocket money and how you manage?
  6. What is your monthly expenditure?
  7. Tell me about your games and participation till now?
  8. Let me know about your bonding with your brother?
  9. What is your short term goal?
  10. What is your long term plans in life?

In the middle of your answers, the analyst may ask you numerous counter questions to these inquiries and in the wake of responding to them, you are relied upon to proceed with the sequence. Hope this article will help you to know more about the rapid-fire round in the SSB interview. Stay connected with more informative Articles.

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