SSB Interview Success journey of recently selected NDA student Shubham Tiwari
Sunday | September 8, 2019


Situation: which one will you opt- relish your sleep with big dreams or get up and chase those dreams with realistic efforts?

Real champions choose the latter.

Shubham Tiwari, an inmate of Centurion Defence Academy, has entered the list of hero through his relentless efforts blended with unprecedented taming given by Centurion. Centurion Academy has always aimed to rein the preparation of determined students and make them pioneers in life.

Here is the success story of our hero in disguise. Shubham Tiwari is a resident of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He cracked NDA 143 course in 1st attempt from 18 SSB Allahabad. Amongst the 9 recommended candidates, Shubham Tiwari stands as one of the best applicant. He has not only made Centurion but also his family proud by being 1st member from the family background to join Indian Army.

Let’s forge into the detailed experience of SSB of Shubham Tiwari:

Commencing with the Screening test, Shubham narrates that he was quite nervous seeing many repeaters in his batch but he reiterated his mantra and things turned out favorable, the mantra being: “I am here to be recommended and I will surely be recommended!” Shubham was confident enough of his preparation and believed there was no scope for being screened out.

Shubham’s OIR went smooth. Sharing his PPDT experience, Shubham said that his group decided beforehand to carry things in a descent way rather than turning into a fish market. While the picture given for PPDT was quite confusing and hazy yet Shubham managed to execute his ideas well. His plus point lay in initiating the discussion. Shubham admits that his story was quite different and so he tried to include perspective of other members when beginning the discussion. The strategy proved fortunate for Shubham. He narrated well and gave 2-3 points while granting others an equal chance to speak.

The heart of the matter lies in Shubham’s smart work + Centurion’s tips. He was braced by Centurion to: handle a fish market situation and speak when others are silent+ practice dozen of mock tests+ Centurion especially trained the students for confusing picture in order to prepare them for worse+ centurion explained the logic behind PPDT that no story is right or wrong rather it’s a matter of your perception.

The outcome reflected in Shubham’s confidence and recommendation to next level.

Talking about OIR practice at Centurion, Shubham told that herein the OIR practice is of another level so that we are braced for the most difficult situation.

Moving on to the next hurdle, the interview session, Shubham reminisced that it was his best part during the SSB due to the exemplary guidance given by Lalit Mohan Sir of Centurion Academy. He helped Shubham in preparing the essential points to speak, the strength, weakness and other credentials. Moreover, Centurion also helped him in self introspection by applying the SQUAT analysis technique.

Shubham also added that much of his interview was based on his PIQ and he was thorough with his PIQ, thanks to Centurion for innumerable PIQ practices. As a result Shubham remained calm, truthful, positive and his interview proved great!

Oh wait wait the list isn’t over. Here comes Psychology test, the most tricky strata of SSB. Though quite intimidating yet Shubham cracked this test with flying colors. Centurion Academy gave excellent material on SRT, WAT, and TAT along with great guidance given by Sir A.K. Srivastav. On individual level, Shubham gave 2 hours to WAT daily and 1 hour to TAT.

The psychology tests were followed by GTO. At Centurion, Shubham got a righteous exposure in terms of communicating and building link with the classmates. Hence his communication part was made strong. Add to that there Centurion gave high practice for lecturette as well as some helpful tips. Shubham’s lecturette topic was ‘Social Media’ and he excelled in his part.

Next, Shubham described that PGTs is about team work. While Shubham always had a spirit for team work and Centurion further polished this aspect. Shubham contributed by supporting the team with his suggestions and resources.

The crux of the story speaks that determination+ appropriate guidance is the highway to achieve your dreams. Centurion catalyzed the glitter and glory which was already flickering in Shubham.

On a side note, Shubham has a powerful message for all: be strong mentally because SSB is easily manageable when dealt smartly and with a wholesome preparation.

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