NDA SSB Success Story
Success Story of NDA-145 Candidate Recommended from 24 SSB Bangalore
Thursday | January 28, 2021

Centurion Defence Academy, a Brand powerhouse in itself and a name to reckon in the Defence Educational arena is undoubtedly recognized as the premium coaching for NDA in Lucknow. Itendows and encourages the students to prepare for the Entrance Exam as well as for Interviews with a decisive, smart, practical, holistic and pragmatic approach which has ushered and garnered umpteen successful selections in previous year examinations. The structured guidance under some of the best industry experts with a complete personalized and individual guidance has proved to be a stupendous breakthrough resulting in successful recommendations. Let’s understand and ponder over the experience and highlights of Ravi Prakash Yadav, NDA-145 Batch 2021, recommended from 24 SSB, Bangalore and a student of Team Centurion. Let us glimpse his journey to NDA SSB Success story.

Ravi NDA Success Story

Highlights of the NDA Experience

Undoubtedly standing as the unparallel for the best Defence and NDA Coaching available in India, here is the right place to enroll yourselves, Yes my dear friends no doubt Centurion Defence Academy with best of the industry trained guidance and study material has proven to be the ultimate choice as the premier coaching institute due to its highest proven past selection records making students competent, confident and eligible to qualify the written exam as well as prep up easily for the Interviews along with personalized guidance and tips to develop your personality and skills. One such gem of Centurion, Ravi PrakashYadav who was a classroom student at Centurion, hailing from Lucknow was head strong, motivated and confidentto become a part of the elite forces. Even though being in this harsh pandemic stress and situation could not deter his spirits and confidence. His strong will power, dedication, confidence, persistence, hard work and never give up attitude along with the patient, structured, systematic guidance and persistent efforts of Team Centurion with utmost diligence gave him a straight roadmap to success and made himachieve his dream to enter NDA, khadakwasla.

He had appeared for his NDA in previous attempts. In 2019 he again gave his NDA but could not clear his writtens as he lacked in his Mathematics Section which really was a tough time and had demotivated him enough but it was his resilient will power, confidence, dedication, hard work and determined effort along with following a systematic and planned approach that made him an aspiration for many youngsters as his classic victory clearly proves that no matter whatever the obstacles are it is really important to keep faith in yourself and continue to work hard and success will follow your footsteps and this was the mantra for his remarkable success.

A smart, bright, sincere, enthusiastic, confident and talented young lad hailing from Lucknow, Ravi always was a very ambitious, keen student with great spirit and was really agile and actively took part in all his extra curricular and followed the apt balance between his studies and his hobbies which was clearly visible in the confidence his personality carried and exuded as he was really an extrovert person. Not only this he was an NCC Cadet and so was an active participant in his outdoor games and played many sports like hockey, cricket, football, etc.

Ravi clearly owes his victory and showers hisumpteen gratitude and praises to Centurion Defence Academy and his role model Mr. Shishir Dixit who he credits his preparation for the Psychology part which helped him a lot especially in his TAT’s, WAT and SDas well as the entire team of counselors and no doubt in his own words he can’t thank enough and be gratuitous enough that he got wings to his dreams and proudly could complete the dreams of his parents and could fulfill their aspirations and fulfill his whole sole ambition .

Ravi SSB Success Story

Dazzling honor and pride of Centurion Defence Academy, this young starlet always had a strong and healthy mind and was targeted and focused at achieving his dreams no matter what the cost which was the reason that despite failing in hisattempts previously various thoughts propelled in his mind making him nervous and a little bit discouraging but despite all these odds when he appeared for the fourth time there was nothing that could stop him. As he was passionate and extrovert along with following a rigorous, systematic and planned study approach it made him interview ready and he nailed the same in hisfourth attempt.

In the words of Ravi Prakash his whole NDA SSB experience and mentorship with CDA was a treat and boon for him as well as for any learner who want a targeted success as the guidance that is rendered under the expert team of counselors is the best place to achieve and give wings to your dream. The able, expert, rigorous guidance and tremendous mentorship under CDA gave me the urge to conquer my fears, my weakness and shortcomings and finally achieve my passion. The bright dazzling star of Centurion has made not only his parents proud but CDA as well.

Ravi Prakash’s NDA SSB success story provided every ounce of reason for everyone to be happy, cheerful and to never stop dreaming no matter how harsh and difficult, for that matter how much demotivating the situations are and this was very evident when Ravi received his call letter and it was the best of his moments in life and he could never forget the look of his parent’s face as they proudly stood there with himin that moment of success. The most memorable memory when asked from his entire experience throughout his preparation journey at CDA was the time when he used to sit in his class during Shishir Sir’s Psychology Training and Lectures and used to receive all the constructive, spontaneous and original approach for each and every concept in the most ludicrous mannerand was really impressed with the individual and personalized strategy followed at CDA which proved to be his winning strategy. No doubt CDA cherishes the experience with immense pleasure and a victorious dignity and wishes great luck and fortune to Ravi PrakashYadav for his future career and endeavors.


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