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Success Story of NDA-145 Recommended Candidate from 11 SSB, Allahabad

Success Story of Vikrant Sahu

Marking another feather in the victory cap and boasting yet another millennial of success Centurion Defence Academy this year has again outshone and come up as the prestigious institute barring and conquering all the odds, boasting  its string of umpteen successful selections, a young lad from the Centurion group Vikrant Sahu has defied all the impediments and even in this bleak and toughest of times with the Covid pandemic in full swing has set up new records of standard making everyone so proud with his sincere, unmatched, dedicated endeavor and hard work.

Recommended At 11 SSB, Allahabad, NDA-145

A young, vibrant lad Vikrant Sahu hailing from Kanpur has been recommended for NDA-145 from 11 SSB, Allahabad. His success is dignified in every measurable way as he managed to clear his SSB in his sixth attempt which clearly shows the hard work, sincerity, dedication and perseverance that has accredited him with this victory and honor. His dream and ambition to get into the Armed Forces thrived and instilled a passion so strong in him such that innumerable defeat and barriers also could not hold him back without losing his confidence and motivation.

Vikrant Success Story

He left no stone unturned to achieve his aim as it was his dream to wear the prestigious uniform and live an honorable, glorious life and this was the reason to have ignited the fire within him swelling and stirring up his passions as he was really touched with the ethos, respect, honor and pride of the Armed Forces and felt proud to be a part of this elite force thereby plunging himself headlong to be a part of this prestigious and dignified service.

It was the whole sole vision of Vikrant to wear that glorious uniform and this was the sole reason that kick started his journey to success. He started to prepare for his NDA when he came to know about Centurion Defence Academy (CDA) by browsing on social media namely you tube and he enrolled himself in the class room program and began his preparation with utmost sincerity, hard work and dedication.  Soon after joining herein he saw a commendable change as he was really motivated with the atmosphere as in his own words, “ My experience at CDA was really enriching as I met like- minded students who had a common grounding that was the vision and dream to join Indian Armed Forces” and with the combined efforts of his mentors who with their structured and planned methodology and individual counseling as well as guidance, blessings of God, his parents enabled him to clear his SSB barring all the challenges and obstacles.

NDA SSB Success Story

Screening and Recommendation

Vikrant’s dedication, patience, firm motivation and clear minded approach is responsible to a great extent for his glorious feat as it was his sole motto to live, serve and work for the Defence Forces making his ambition firm, bolder and passionate. His joy knew no bounds when his dream undoubtedly came true while clearing his SSB with panache and all the hard work and sacrifices he had done finally paid off and he felt as if it was a blessing to see the smile on his parents’ face when he heard about his recommendation and selection which he for long was vying for.

A vibrant , disciplined, hard working, generous and striking personality, confident, motivated, patience with a pleasing personality, candid behavior of Vikrant encourages and motivates us to look up to the future with high hopes without surrendering to the countless defeats and to never back down in life ever even in the bleakest of the situations rather having a go getter attitude. Apart from excelling at his studies, Vikrant looked up to various areas of interest and hobbies that made him confident, agile, responsible, sincere and definitely these are his skills that are responsible to a great extent in letting him achieve his dream.

SSB Success Story

Vikrant gratuitously showers all praises for his NDA Preparation under the guidance and mentorship of the best of the industry experts helmed at the institute here that are unparallel and class apart with the likes of Psychology Expert Sir Shishir Dixit, Interview Expert Major General A.K. Chaturvedi and Major Nasreen Fatima, GTO Expert Col. Pramod (Retd) and English Expert Aditya Dubey.  His unmatched and striking sincerity, hard work and perseverance with his clear minded strategy left no stone unturned and availed him with the once in a lifetime golden opportunity fulfilling his one and only dream ambition.

With a special mention of the guidance, mentorship and training he received under the guidance of Sir Shishir Dixit really helped him ace in his PP & DT, SRT’s and WAT’s which he thinks really provided a sound ground base for excelling in his Psych Tests enabling him to broaden his outlook to perceive things which really improved his confidence and helped him in getting screened in. He also praises the English Lecture sessions by Aditya Dubey Sir that improved his pronunciation and the GTO Sessions by Col. Pramod Sir that gave him a clear idea and perception as to how to tackle the various obstacles and how to react and improvise under various challenging situations. His experience undoubtedly boosted his confidence, gave him new ideas, broadened his vision enabling him to grow and learn along his journey at CDA.

Vikrant’s victory is undoubtedly the result of his irrevocable hard work and dedication with the structured and utmost guidance he received at Centurion Defence Academy. We shower all the praises to this young and dazzling star who encourages us to look up to the future with high hopes without surrendering to any obstacles and wish this young boy the best of luck for all his future endeavors.

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