Success Story of TES-47 Recommended Shivam Kumar Sinha

Success Story of TES-47 Topper Shivam Kumar Sinha


Here, we’re going to tell you about the success story of TES-47 Shivam Kumar Sinha, son of a Farmer and a first-generation Army Officer. After reading the success story, you will undoubtedly feel inspired and encouraged to enroll in Centurion Defence Academy.


कड़ी धूप हो.

या हो कंपकपाती ठंडी,

पड़ते हों ओले,

या बारिश और बाढ़, कभी न रुकता वो,

कभी न थकता,

मेहनत करता

न कभी वो करता विश्राम।

अविरत वो दिन-रात नींद चैन सब देता है त्याग, अपने देश का किसान।


These lines were written to highlight the hard work and struggle of Indian Farmers but the Story of Shivam Kumar Sinha, the son of a farmer from Bihar is similar to the above stories. Rain or Shine, Shivam Kumar continuously warmed himself in the fire of struggle and became a diamond by successfully qualifying in the TES-47 course. Shivam Kumar Sinha’s jolly and poetic attitude is also an inspiration to thousands of candidates who face so many hurdles in their preparation.


Shivam belongs to a civilian background and he is the son of a farmer. He is the inspiration for those aspirants who think civilian background is a big impediment in defence journey. Shivam Kumar’s successful journey has put an end to such false beliefs. Shivam has rightly proved that with a learning mindset, you can achieve any goal. Defence Aspirants should be inspired by him and adopt a positive learning mindset if they want success in their lives.



Journey to the Recommendation in TES-47


Shivam explains his journey to the recommendation in TES-47 as a learning experience. He says that I continued to learn at every step and kept on improving myself. He says that you may be weak in some areas, but your other areas must be strong. In his case, Shivam was physically weak, that’s why he could not perform well in GTO, but he says that he was not thinking about his bad performance. He performed well in other tasks and got recommended. Shivam says that Centurion Defence Academy was like a beacon of hope for his SSB interview preparation. Shivam mentions the efforts of Sishir Sir, a psychology expert at Centurion Defence Academy particularly. He says that Sishir Sir’s guidance helped him to give natural responses. He also mentions the contribution of Pandey Sir who helped him in becoming a disciplined candidate. Shivam also thanked Bhupesh Sir for helping him to improve his communication. Shivam highlights that accepting others’ views is very important, especially in GTO. Shivam believes that staying motivated and dedicated is very important for achieving any goal. He highlights the importance of communication skills, he says that communication skills are the heart and soul of SSB preparation. Candidates must upon their communication skills if they want to be get recommended.


Shivam Kumar Sinh’s Journey is an inspiration for all of us. He is the epitome of hard work. He is an example that hard work beats all odds whether you are from civilian background or military background if you have officer-like qualities in you then no one can stop you. Shivam is a message for all the defence aspirants. that ‘It does not matter how slow you go as long as you keep going’.


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