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Tips to Develop Speaking Skills for SSB Interview

Speaking skills are in all respects firmly connected to intellectual level. When the essence of our intellectual level is confined to a limit, eventually our speech is left with restricted ideas.

It is very common while speaking we fall short of words or we find our expression not good enough or sometimes incomplete. Sometimes we even experience that our verbal articulation isn’t sufficient, but in reality, our concept and level of information is deficient.

For all such reasons, it is essential to start from elaborating and improving your verbal articulation is upgrading your intellectual level.

The second reason that prevents us and making us hesitant from actively participating in extempore and group discussions is aphonia paranoiac also known as stage fright, which is personally connected to our “fear of the disappointment”. This problem further leads to shyness or inhibited.


  • The English language is critical in the SSB interview. Practically all the test have English as the mechanism of correspondence.

  • An Officer must be knowledgeable in the English language with the goal that he/she could speak as well as represent to their armed forces just as seniors.

  • The intensity of Expression is also considered as an OLQ that is demanded from an officer that accompanies great English.

  • English is a universal language. if a candidate is well-versed in the language, it definitely helps an officer in remote missions or even in exercise with different countries.



    • So as to improve and develop your English verbal communication, begin with going through some useful and valuable texts like newspaper or a few books or novels.

    • Once you come across any new or difficult word, do not hesitate to underline the words and find out the meaning. At the same time use the word by framing it into sentences.

    • Make sure you use these words while writing or even speaking.

    • Try to read as much as possible as it will always add up to your knowledge.

    • Include reading exercise daily for 30 minutes in your daily schedule.


    • Writing proves to be a good practice. Make sure you write in order to practice grammar and vocabulary, write it all.

    • This practice is even helpful to remember and recall things later on.

    • In order to improve English for SSB you can outline your thoughts by composing. This practice is effective even when you want to express your ideas at SSB interview.

    • Find out the commonly asked question at the interview and frame the answers. This is a good practice as well as it will help you in future.

    • It becomes a lot easier to identify your grammatical mistakes while writing, which usually go unnoticed when we speak the second language.

    • The practice becomes more powerful when you write or compose articles and essays on current national as well as international topics. It helps you to convey your ideas and thoughts systematically as you will be prepared for any kind of discussion with valid views.

    • All the above mentioned practice will not only make you confident about your language but enhance your knowledge on different topics related to SSB and other than SSB as well.


    • Speaking or Verbal Communication is the application and utilization of all that we have learned.

    • The things we have perused, compose, listened are exhibited by what we put into words.

    • Speaking makes us confident with the language and minimizes the apprehension.

    • In order to improve your verbal Communication, you can practice by voice-over a topic, PPDT story; answer to interview questions or lecturette topic before a mirror.

    • Verbal communication improves with practice. Try involving your friends in this practice which will make the practice fun and you might get to learn a lot from your friends.

    • GD and PPDT sessions with a group of friends every week will enable you to get settled with the language.

    • Likewise, mock interview sessions with your companions or even some old experienced individual is a great idea to practice your language.


    • Listening and Comprehension is a good practice as it helps you to understand the pronunciation of specific words.

    • Pronouncing a word with suitable phonetics makes a decent impression to the audience for which listening is required.

    • Additionally, it encourages us help the right use to remember words.

    • Try watching some good English movies, documentaries, Debates, persuasive chats with captions.

    • Likewise, tune in to the audio tapes of great leaders figure out how to address the general population.

    • Tuning in to English tunes likewise help you get familiar with the right utilization of the language.

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