What is the PIQ Form in SSB Interview and How to Fill it?

The Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) is an important form in the SSB interview process. After the screening round, candidates fill out this form. The PIQ form is the most important document filled by you as it, to some extent, impacts your recommendation chances. Your OIR rating, which is given after the completion of the screening round, is written on the top right corner of the PIQ form. This PIQ form is given to the interviewing officer and the psychologist. In today’s blog, we will talk about the PIQ form in detail and also discuss the correct way to fill out this form. Let us see the various aspects of the PIQ form in the SSB interview.

Why is the PIQ Form important in SSB?

In the personal interview stage, 90% of questions are based on the information you write in your PIQ form. So, how well you are going to perform in your interview is in your hands. Whatever you write in the PIQ form, make sure that you prepare or know about it in detail. You should maintain complete honesty in your responses. Based on whatever you write in your PIQ form, the IO asks questions during the interview. So, you must be able to justify your answers, or it will create a negative impression of your personality in his mind. Make sure that you fill out the PIQ form neatly and cleanly.

What does the PIQ Form reveal?

The PIQ form shows what you have done in the past and what you are doing in the present. It also reveals everything like your hobbies, education, extracurricular activities, etc. Fill your PIQ neatly without cutting because it is you who know yourself better than any other person. As we have already mentioned, whatever you write in your PIQ form, you must have deep knowledge of that information. If you are accurate and honest in both filling out your PIQ form and justifying your responses in the personal interview stage, you will feel confident and energetic throughout the interview process.

Fill out your PIQ form carefully

So fill out your PIQ form carefully because if you overwrite or cut your responses, it shows carelessness and a lack of knowledge about yourself. You should avoid overwriting for one more reason. Overwriting also indicates that you had something in mind and you wrote it down, but later you changed your mind and to hide that thought you are writing something different. So pay special attention to this.

Questions included in the PIQ Form (1-3)

The PIQ form in the SSB interview consists of two pages, containing a total of 14 questions. These questions cover various subjects and details about the candidate. For example, the first question asks about the selection board where the candidate is appearing, the board number, the location, the batch number, and, if it is through UPSC, the roll number. The second question asks for the candidate’s name, which must be written in capital letters. Similarly, the third question requires the candidate to write his or her father’s name in capital letters.

  • Question number four covers details such as the candidate’s current residence, permanent residence, and the place where he or she has spent most of his time. Question number five inquires about the candidate’s district and state of origin, religion, if he or she belongs to a reserved category, and date of birth of the candidate. In question number six, information about the candidate’s parents and guardians is inquired, including their education, occupation, and income if they are employed.
  • Question number seven is related to the candidate’s educational background, asking where they completed high school, 10+2, graduation, and post-graduation (if applicable), including the institutes, boards or universities, years of passing, divisions, and mediums of instruction. Question number eight asks for the candidate’s age, height, and weight. Question number nine is related to NCC training, if applicable.
  • Question number ten inquires about the candidate’s participation in games and sports. Question number eleven talks about the hobbies and interests as well as extracurricular activities of the candidate. Question number twelve asks about the nature of the commission in the armed forces and the service option the candidate wishes to join, such as if he or she prefers the Army, Air Force, or Navy.
  • Question number thirteen asks how many attempts the candidate has made for the SSB interview so far. Finally, question number fourteen asks for details of the candidate’s previous SSB experiences, including the entry type, whether they were recommended or not, the date of their interview, and other relevant details.


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PIQ Form FAQs:

The Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) is a crucial form filled out after the screening round, impacting your recommendation chances.

The PIQ form is important because 90% of interview questions are based on the information you provide in it, affecting the impression you make on the interviewing officer.

The PIQ form should be filled out neatly, without overwriting or cutting, and with complete honesty.

The PIQ form includes 14 questions covering personal details, educational background, hobbies, and previous SSB experiences.

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