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In this blog, we are sharing the NDA success story of our student Atul Kumar who is from Bihar. Atul cracked the NDA 1 2023 exam to join the prestigious National Defence Academy. He received a recommendation from 1 AFSB Dehradun to join the Indian Air Force wing of the National Defence Academy (NDA). Proud Centurion Atul secured AIR 199 in the final merit list for the 151st Course of the NDA. Atul’s NDA success journey is truly commendable and inspiring for thousands of defence aspirants who wish to join the NDA. Under the guidance of Centurion Defence Academy, Atul achieved his dream of joining the NDA to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces.

Proud Centurion Atul Kumar from Bihar

On October 7, 2023, Centurion Defence Academy on its official YouTube channel, uploaded an exclusive video of Atul’s interview titled “NDA 151 SSB Recommended Candidate Atul Kumar Success बैठकी with Gurkirat Ma’am”. In this video on the NDA success story, Atul interacts with Gurkirat Ma’am and other members of Team Centurion and shares his full preparation journey, struggles, and important tips for NDA aspirants. The link to that video has been attached in the table below. Based on that video, we have come up with a blog that describes the overall success journey of Atul and how he achieved his dream of joining the esteemed NDA.

Before we discuss his NDA success story, let us take an overview of Atul’s preparation journey and the achievements he has secured.

NameAtul Kumar 
Exam NDA 1 2023
PreferenceIndian Air Force
Recommended for151st Course of the NDA
Recommended from1 AFSB Dehradun
SSB Batch Date17th – 21st July 2023
Total Reporting139
Total Screened In 69
Total Recommended13
AIR of Atul199
Roll Number 1560927
NDA Written Score394
SSB Score390
Total Score784
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Key Highlights of Atul’s SSB Journey

  • Atul attended the SSB interview at 1 AFSB Dehradun from 17th July to 21st July. Out of 139 candidates who reported, only 69 were able to clear the screening process. After an outstanding and impressive performance, Atul secured his place among the 13 successful candidates who received recommendations from 1 AFSB Dehradun.
  • Centurion Defence Academy played an important role in Atul’s success. Defence experts, ex-armed officers, and a strong panel of SSB mentors at Centurion Defence Academy not only provided Atul with comprehensive guidance but also offered him individualized feedback, which worked as a crucial element in his preparation.
  • Atul’s journey from being a student to successfully cracking the SSB Interview reflects the dedication and effective mentoring provided by Centurion Defence Academy. This inspirational NDA success story of Atul Kumar truly highlights the potential and capabilities of determined individuals who successfully achieve their goals with the help of the right guidance.

Overall SSB Journey

I am a resident of a village and first of all, I prepared for the NDA written exam from there. When I cracked the written exam, I wanted a guideline for SSB so that I could crack SSB well, so I searched and found some coaching institutes. After taking advice from my friends, I came to know that the preparation is done very well at Centurion Academy, then I decided to come here and my father supported me a lot in this decision and came along with me. With the help of Centurion’s 21-day SSB course, I have improved many things like I am a village boy, so my communication skills have always not been as good as those of a city boy.

Psych and GTO Training

Aditya Sir helped me a lot in that also, he removed my stage fear and then Shishir Sir told me many things like how to develop, how to do personality development, or how to approach the psych tests in good ways. Then in GTO, there was Colonel Pramod Sir, there was RK Sharma Sir, he also helped a lot and in the interview, I had three interviews here with the help of which I came to know about my shortcomings, worked on them and finally I got recommended.

English and Stage Fear

So, first of all, after coming here, I started talking to my friends in English because after living in a village, you do not get that much exposure to English. Even if you have studied in CBSE in the village, in the case of Bihar particularly, you will talk in Bhojpuri only. People will talk in Hindi as much as possible, but no one talks in English, so after coming here, one thing I improved in myself is that when I started talking in English, what happened due to this was that initially there was a problem but gradually that confidence kept coming.

Daily Routine and Friend Circle

We formed a group like Shiva Singh was recommended from here, so we used to do GD together. What happened from this was that even more improvement came and after that the other quality that I felt was running and physical exercise which gave me a lot of motivation. If I am physically fit I can do anything, so for this I also did things like I used to attend classes in the morning at six, so I used to wake up at 4:00 and go to the park for running, so these were two or three habits which I formed here.

Conference Experience

In the conference, as our conference started, my chest number was 43, then as it ended, my chest number was 42, they discussed for five minutes, after which they had lunch, so I felt that somewhere my recommendation had gone. So after half an hour, the conference started again. The pre-conference went on for two to three minutes. As soon as I went inside, the first question was, Gentleman Atul, what are the other career options you have apart from defence? So that was a kind of shocking question for a candidate that yes, if someone is asking you that, then somewhere you feel that now they are going to throw you out. Then I gave a straight answer; Sir, I will do a B.Sc. in Physics. After saying all this, I left and I felt that I was out of place but in the end, I got recommended.

SSB Mock Interviews at Centurion

I had three interviews at Centurion and the third interview that I had here was very long, it went on for at least an hour, so it gave me exposure and confidence. The SSB mock interviews at Centurion Defence Academy are very similar to real SSB interviews. Like rapid fires come there, rapid fires come here too, like general awareness questions come there and here too, then here also you are grilled, you get a lot of similarity there too. And this gives you a lot of confidence that yes, if I can do well here, then I will be able to do well there too.

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