SSB Success Story

Adarsh Kumar (TES-43 SSB 2020)

What a determined attempt Adarsh Kumar upfronted to join Indian Army as an officer, he just added an extra scintillating layer of success to beginning of his career. It’s been an almost incredible tale of triumph as he did not presume about what he is doing and how long do he need to put his efforts on it, the only thing he had in mind was just to keep it all in check and organized. When its real its effortless and supreme Adarsh Kumar in his first attempt cracked TES-43 SSB 2020 get recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad Board.
Adarsh Kumar son of Gateman Bache Lal bestows his success to his father and mentor of his career Founder Director Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy. His father trusted his son choice of career and the coaching he joined for his preparations.
Centurion one of the premier coaching has always been in limelight for its tremendous results and his mentor guidance gave him the urge to conquer his passion. Designing and framing Adarsh mind was something Shishir Sir had always enjoyed- the manner of doing prepartion, attending regular classes, time mangaement and how he cross question to clear all his doubts during doubts sessions are some of his best efforts he showed during his prepartion.
Making it a perfect victory Adarsh Kumar acheived it for everyone close to him and for the nation to whom he is dreaming to serve one day where today he is a selected cadet.