SSB Success Story

Akash Yadav (NDA July 2020 Batch)

Like any common defence aspirant, Akash Yadav was dedicatedly working hard to accomplish his goals and life of his dreams.
Akash Yadav , created history on 7th February 2020 by earning recommendation from 19 SSB Board, Allahabad for NDA JULY 2020 Batch. Never give up spirit of Akash is expressed in these lines ‘You are responsible for your own good. Once you run away from your responsibilities you will not acquire what you desired for’ brought him nearer to his dreams. So far the best result of Akash is registered with Centurion Defence Academy also includes his noteworthy performance for Airforce X-Y and Navy AA exam in his first attempt was commendable. But his desire to join Indian Armed forces as an Officer was much stronger ,due to which he did not go for Airforce X-Y and Navy AA joining and continued putting Efforts for NDA Exam.
Akash excitement doesn’t seem to be clearly expressed in words by him. An ecstatic Centurion who was feeling extremely thankful to Founder Director Shishir Sir for translating his gratitude into words was visible in his speech. How Shishir Sir communicated his excellence into classes, practices sessions, interview and group discussions special classes was phenomenal in Akash SSB preparation journey.