SSB Success Story

ANCHAL (46 NCC 2019)

Accelerating girl quotient, Anchal has somewhere made the women strata of our society proud. Anchal qualified SSB interview from 21 SSB Bhopal branch. Her interview commenced on 28 th June, 2018.

Giving a detailed description of her experience and tricks, Anchal said that the 1 st round was that of PPDT wherein she aimed to satisfy herself because self satisfaction will automatically lead to selection. Confidently clearing this round, Anchal rendered a good interview. The interviewing officers were fairly impressed by her simple, direct and up- to- point answers.

Snake race, 2 GDs, individual obstacle, half- group and full- group task were next in queue. Anchal completed 8+1 individual obstacle, thus receiving an extra point. She also did 54 SRTs, which is a grand record! But the road is not always smooth. Anchal got the most difficult command task, that is, bomb diffusion. However courage made it possible for her to win. For Lecturette, Anchal gave an impressive 2.5 minutes speech on ‘medical reform’.
Lastly Anchal extends her note of thanks to Centurion Acadmey wherein she received a compact pack of SSB training+ ground training+ personal books + interactive sessions + weekly tests+ co- curricular activities.