Chandra Prakash Yadav NDA 149th Course

Chandra Prakash Yadav, a young defence aspirant, finally succeeded in his SSB interview for the NDA 149th course from 14 SSB Allahabad on his fourth attempt. Chandra Prakash received guidance from India’s elite SSB Panel, which comprises Sir Shishir Dixit, the founder-director of Centurion Defence Academy and Chief SSB Mentor, as well as other SSB professionals, while he prepared for his NDA SSB Interview at Centurion Defence Academy. Chandra Prakash repeatedly failed in his first three attempts, but in his fourth attempt, with the guidance of Team Centurion’s comprehensive approach and personalized training, he succeeded in accomplishing his dream of joining the NDA. Chandra Prakash pursued his goals with perseverance and succeeded in achieving his target of enrolling in the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) by receiving the All-India Rank of 71 in the NDA 149th course final merit list.

A total of 68 candidates reported for the batch of August 23–27, 2022, at 14 SSB Allahabad, but only 23 made it through screening; only 5 were recommended, and Chandra Prakash was one of them. Chandra Prakash’s success in the NDA exam is a true testament to his resilience, personality development, and refinement of his interpersonal competencies in order to have an upbeat attitude. His success approach was based on the principles of individual guidance and personalized training, which have long been Team Centurion’s credo in achieving the highest final selection in the NDA exam. Chandra Prakash has demonstrated via his success in the NDA exam that setbacks are opportunities to learn and continually improve so that we can pursue our objectives with all of our strengths.