SSB Success Story

GOKUL (NDA Jan 2020 Batch)

Sweets in every hand and word of congratulations on every lip was the scene on 08 August, 2019 when Gokul’s mother heard about his selection. Oh yes, the first to join defence forces from his family, Gokul proudly cracked SSB for NDA from 12 SSB Bangalore. He belongs to Pilibhit and is the first one of January 2020 batch to be selected in SSB.

A multi talented personality, Gokul triumphed all rounds in an outstanding manner be it the PPDT session, the 2 GDs, interview, or individual tasks. He also acknowledged the support given by Centurion Academy. The academy offered an unprecedented help in form of authentic training+ expert counseling+ enhancement of communication skill+ most relevant study material.
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