Ishika Shukla NDA 149th Course

Ishika Shukla is a symbol of commitment and tenacity. We are all extremely proud of Ishika Shukla, as she has once again succeeded in the NDA SSB Interview and earned the All India Rank of 51 among female applicants in the overall merit list for the NDA 149th Course. Ishika joined Centurion Defence Academy to prepare for the NDA 149th Course. With the support of Sir Shishir Dixit and other SSB mentors’ individualized guidance, she excelled in every subject and passed the SSB Interview from 20 SSB Bhopal. For the batch of 27–31 August 2022 at 20 SSB Bhopal, only 7 applicants were recommended out of a total of 38, including our proud Centurion, Ishika.

Ishika has always been fascinated by and enthralled by the lifestyle of military men because she is the daughter of an Army Havildar. As she prepared for the written exam and participated in the SSB interview, her positive outlook on the army kept her motivated. Ishika enrolled in the Centurion Defence Academy, which tremendously improved her preparation for the psychological tests, group challenges, and screening tests. She gives thanks to her father and Sir Shirshir Dixit for helping her get ready for her travel to the National Defence Academy, even though she is the one who deserves the most praise for her achievement. Ishika also promotes girl enlistment since she thinks that girls should not be disregarded in the military because they are more capable both emotionally and psychologically.

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