SSB Success Story

Shashwat Dwivedi (NDA July 2020 Batch)

A village is a glass, where nothing unobserved can pass, you may live in an unknown small village, but if you have big ideas, the world will come and find you anywhere and our Indian Army has found one of them, Shashwat Dwivedi from a small village Kailawn, Bighapur in Unnao district.
Shashwat Dwivedi is recommended from 18 SSB Board Allahabad and made it to Indian Army in his 6th attempt after cracking NDA exam. An aspiring village boy become more and more affected by social challenges he faced around him but for Shashwat these challenges set him on fire and boosted him to crack Air Force X group in 2018, Navy AA/SSR in 2019 and NDA/SSB Interview in 2020 on a row. The question that do you have it in you kept him going every time . When he visited Centurion Defence Academy for the first time he surrendered himself to Team Centurion completely for preparation of his dream career.
A person with a universal mind who lived in Indian Armed Forces know the world much better than a person with a local mind and same is his experience with Shishir Sir. He acknowledged Sir’s Psychology classes mentioning that initially psychology was difficult and challenging for him but later it became his strength and is going to rest with him forever his life.

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