Subhash Yadav NDA 149th Course

In the final merit list for the NDA 149th Course, Subhash Yadav, one of our students from Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh), received the All India Rank of 208. In order to prepare for the NDA, Subhash joined the Centurion Defence Academy. With the guidance of Sir Shishir Dixit and other SSB mentors, he was able to pass the SSB interview and get recommended by 19 SSB Allahabad for the NDA 149th course. His strategy for success was founded on the ideas of individualized guidance and training, which have long been Team Centurion’s core values in reaching the highest final selection in the NDA exam. Subhash continued to strive toward his goals and was able to join the esteemed National Defence Academy.

While he was preparing for his NDA SSB Interview at Centurion Defence Academy, Subhash sought guidance from India’s elite SSB Panel, which is comprised of Sir Shishir Dixit, the founder-director of Centurion Defence Academy and Chief SSB Mentor, as well as other SSB professionals. The fact that Subhash passed the NDA exam speaks a lot about his perseverance, growth as an individual, and development of his personal qualities in order to maintain a positive attitude. By cracking the NDA exam, he proved that adversities can be used as an opportunity to grow and constantly get better so that we can pursue our goals with all of our abilities. We hope that Subhash’s success in the NDA exam will continue to inspire future aspiring members of the armed forces to sign up for the NDA.