nda success story

Swastish Pandey (NDA July 2020 Batch)

During lockdown and COVID 19 haunting circumstances when everyone was busy in fearing and hiding themselves Swastish Pandey made his target toward his dream & passion –NDA . Swastish gave the answer in his winning style with 97% ICS board exam and NDA SSB recommendation from 20 SSB Board Bhopal. The more you get closer to what you fear the more chances of winning a battle is determined, being a true inspiration for fighters he simply showed everyone that when obstacles arise change your direction to reach your goal but do not change your decision to get there. 64 Reported 18 Screened In 4 Recommended at NDA -144 Batch where Swastish Pandey nailed to his victory throne and made it clear that a difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose – a cause to pursue, a dream to fulfill, and a goal to achieve.

Swastish Pandey, son of a primary school teacher showers pride of his achievement to his father and mentor of his career Founder Director Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy. Sincerity and affection thrust upon him made it perfect when an arrow hit the target at the right place.

Dazzling bright star manifested honour and pride for Centurion Defence Academy, Swastish (NDA Foundation Batch) gave a befitting reply to COVID 19 tension. Centurion, one of the premier coaching has always been in the limelight for its tremendous results and his mentor’s guidance gave him the urge to conquer his passion. Making it a perfect victory Swastish achieved it for everyone close to him and for the nation to whom he is dreaming to serve one day where today he is a selected cadet.