SSB Success Story


29 April, 2019 marked a day of joy and victory for Vaibhav Srivastava. He started his journey from Raebareli with the dream of seeing himself as a part of Indian Armed Forces. Vaibhav belonged to 19 SSB Allahabd, 10+2 TES 42 course. Amongst 384 candidates who reported, 40 were screened and 9 got recommended. Vaibhav was one of the fortunate 9.
Centurion Academy is prime witness of the genius of Vaibhav Srivastava. He worked day and night with utmost determination. Not only multi talented but also studious, socially active and well behaved, Vaibhav is the outstanding jewel of Centurion Academy. Telling from his personal experience, Vaibhav showered light on the difficulty of SSB interview but with his smart work and relentless preparation given by Centurion Academy, Vaibhav could fulfill his lifelong dream. On 1 st September the result was out and Vaibhav’s family hailed with pride.
Centurion longs to see the number of such champions rising and wish a life full of success to dear Vaibhav.