“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them”, standing as the gateway in making dreams into reality of tonnes of defence aspirants and being as the lock hard support and pillar in the preparation and assistance of all its candidates Centurion Defence Academy offers yet another scholarship program with Admission cum Scholarship Test offering a beaming joy of hope and aiding in with financial support to all the young candidates to not let their dreams vane away so that financial constraint cannot stamp out the aspirations of the young blood and to parallely search out for the best talent available in India. Here is a meaningful insight into this test.

What is Admission cum Scholarship Test?

This is a Scholarship program being offered as an endeavour by Centurion Defence Academy to all the candidates as an instant program making the students eligible to appear for the test instantaneously and on the spot assessment on basis of the performance parameters avails them into the admission process into the different batches being run by the Academy.

The candidates basically failing to appear for the SRNTH Test can undergo this simple and quick test which is very fruitful and benefitting to the candidates who wish to join Indian Armed Forces because it is a simple and immediate test of short duration say of 15-20 minutes and based on the performance of the candidates in the test, immediate enrollment of the candidates and on the spot availment of scholarship and admittance of the candidate is done for the Basic, Moderate and Advanced Batches being run by the Academy.

Objective of Admission cum Scholarship Test
  •  To seek out, shape, nurture, assist and provide the best of the intelligentsia with the best of the candidates.
  •  Searching for the best of the talent available across the country and to make them as the most deserving Defence aspirant.
  •  To maintain the consistent high selection rates and to be a pioneer as being the best Defence Prep Institute in the country.
  •  To furnish the dreams of the aspirants by providing them with financial and academic support.
  •  To seek out the Defence oriented personality as well as Defence oriented aptitude of the candidate.
  •  Giving aid and help to the down trodden section of society and channelizing their talent.
  •  Increasing and providing the best of the talent and personnel in Indian Armed Forces.

Conduction and Eligibility

Like the SRNTH only the Admission cum Scholarship Test is also a lucrative venture of Centurion Defence Academy, the pioneering academic sector for Indian Defence Preparation and the one step guide and destination for all the defence aspirants. The prime objective in conducting this test is to hone the overall personality of the students with intricate training by not only motivating and shaping and nurturing the talent of the young blood but also by entitling and bestowing the Indian Army with the best of the candidates. Easy and simple like the waft of the wind, this is a one-step lucid process wherein the candidate can get instant admission by just giving the test which is of a short duration and comprises the questions that can assess the defence oriented personality as well as the aptitude of the candidate and accordingly based on the weightage of the test performance, the candidate avails their candidature. There are separate batches being run by the Academy namely CDS Batch, Air Force Batch, MNS Batch, NDA Batch which are again standardized as per Basic, Moderate and Advanced Batch Divisions.

Mode of Test:

The admission cum scholarship test of Centurion Defence Academy provides its candidates an exclusive offer where with us they can lock their seats by prior Registration process on online and offline mode as well. Aspiring candidates by visiting Centurion Defence Academy centre head office can select an offline mode payment process i.e. a sum of Rs. 2000 for registration which includes Rs. 1000 cashback, here the amount will be deducted from the actual fees of examination they are enrolling for at the time of admission only. On official website you can also lock your seat with this offer.

Example: For NDA exam, the admission is Rs. 40000 only and you have already opted an offline payment for registration with us i.e. Rs. 2000, then at the time of admission your total amount payable will be Rs. 38000 only due to prior submission of registration amount. With this fresh and exclusive offer, you can avail the benefit for locking your seat with Centurion Defence Academy online and offline mode both. The test is conducted in offline mode only at the Centurion Defence Academy centre.


Any candidate either male or female, either appearing/ appeared in 10th, 11th and 12thor graduation from any board and stream in India is entitled and eligible to apply for this test. Different Batches are being run for the same, like say for instance 10th pass out students are eligilble to join the NDA Foundation Batch, 11th and 12thpass out students are entitled to join NDA Batch wherein 11th and 12th appearing students are given training that is academics and NDA oriented, thus synonymously benefiting the students in every way.

Perks and benefits

This program is beneficial and monumentally affluent in every sense that it entitles the candidates to avail for scholarship as well as gain enrolment and candidature in one of the most leading and premier Defence Academy at a very nominal cost and thus fulfil and clinch their far-fetched dream into a reality while also standing as a support system and as a pedestal in achieving and fulfilling the dreams of those candidates who lack opportunity and stand as deprived.

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade, instead grab and just go for it.” So the tip is to just grab and seal this exciting deal because the seats are limited and filling up fast and the eligibility to apply stands valid till 15 March only so what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and make your dream a reality by being a proud Centurion.