Khushi Kumari

As an NDA 151 recommended candidate and a proud Centurion, I can say that Centurion Defence Academy puts great effort into generating officers who can be recruited into the armed forces. The personality development classes are the ones that helped me boost my confidence and perform my best at the SSB interview. The best defence coaching I would recommend to those who dream of donning the uniform. Shoutout to Shishir Sir for making the preparation journey a whole lot more rewarding with the personality development classes.


Harsh Kataria

From the very beginning, I was impressed by the comprehensive and well-structured curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the NDA examination. The teachers know their stuff inside out. No beating around the bush—just straight-up useful info. Small classes meant you could actually talk to the instructors and get your questions sorted without feeling lost in a sea of students. The teachers exhibited an unparalleled level of knowledge in their respective subjects, ensuring that every topic was not only thoroughly explained but also linked to its practical application in the NDA examination.


Atul Kumar

From someone aspiring to join the prestigious Armed Forces to being recommended at NDA 151, my journey was significantly enriched and guided by the exceptional support and expertise offered by the dedicated team at Centurion and personalized guidance of Sir Shishir Dixit. He has been a coach to me and helped me at every step of my NDA preparation. It wasn’t just about hitting the books; Centurion cared about us as individuals. Always pushing us to do better, but also understanding when the going got tough.


Arpit Awasthi

Centurion Defence Academy flipped my life upside down as I went from being an average student to getting recommended at NDA 151 on my first attempt. I thank Shishir Sir for the constant motivation and encouragement which instilled a sense of self-belief and determination in me. The kind of support I received here during both highs and lows created a positive and nurturing learning space, making my journey towards the NDA exam not just educational but also enjoyable.


Shashank Yadav

What I liked most was the vibe, the kind of environment one needs to keep motivated. The study material helped me a lot, not like those overly complicated textbooks that make your head spin. They covered everything we needed without the unnecessary crowding of topics. Also mock tests were a game-changer for me. Helped me figure out where I stood and got me used to the ticking clock. Plus, the practice interviews were a nice touch—they weren’t kidding about prepping us for the real deal. In a nutshell, if you’re eyeing the NDA, Centurion knows how to get you there.


Juee Dhage

My journey to the National Defence Academy wasn’t just about cracking exams; it was about forging myself into an officer. Centurion Defence Academy was my compass and guiding light. It was Shishir Sir’s personalized mentorship that truly helped me blossom. His keen eye for detail, his ability to identify and address my weaknesses, and his unwavering belief in my potential instilled in me the confidence and clarity I needed to ace the SSB interview. Today, standing tall as Maharashtra Topper and All India Rank 3 in Girls, I owe an immense debt of gratitude to Centurion Defence Academy. This institution is not just a coaching center; it’s a family that nurtures dreams and shapes future leaders.


Shakshi Pandey

My name is Sakshi Pandey, and achieving Rank 16 in the NDA on my first attempt wasn’t just a dream come true; it was a summit conquered, a testament to the unwavering support of Centurion Defence Academy and the phenomenal guidance of Shishir Sir. Stepping into Centurion felt like stepping onto a well-lit path carved through the uncharted jungle of the NDA entrance exam. Every faculty member, not just experts in their subjects, but seasoned mountaineers themselves, knew exactly where the pitfalls lay and how to navigate them. At last, I am highly indebted and obliged for all the guidance and help in my journey toward olive green.


Ankit Tripathi

I can’t thank Shishir Sir enough for the role in my NDA 150 success. And of course, the teacher’s subject expertise, doubt-clearing sessions, and personalized feedback on performance were instrumental. The emphasis on time management during the exam and the strategic approach to each section were invaluable. If you’re serious about cracking NDA and want no-nonsense, down-to-earth coaching, Centurion is your spot. No regrets, just results.



Grateful for the guidance and support Centurion. You will always be the first step to the pillar of my newly found success. NDA would not have been possible if not for the focus on physical fitness, along with mental preparedness, which ensured that I was not only academically ready but also physically fit for the challenge.


Aditya Shrivastav

I owe my success in NDA 150 to the dedicated team at Centurion Defence Academy. The well-designed study materials, comprehensive test series, and individual attention from the faculty immensely boosted my confidence. The regular interaction with retired officers during special sessions was an added advantage, providing insights into the real challenges of the NDA exam. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream.



The teachers here are committed to our success, combined with rigorous mock tests and strategical preparation strategies is what makes this institute the best among others. Not to mention Shishir Sir’s personality development classes and mock interview training, which helped me work on my skills and prepared me for the actual exam scenario.


Swapnil Singh

Enrolling in Centurion Defence Academy counts for my best decision for my NDA 150 preparation. The structured curriculum, experienced faculty, and regular mock tests played a major role in my success. The personalized guidance and motivation from the mentors made the challenging journey of NDA preparation seem achievable. The faculty is like your personal army of knowledge ninjas – always ready to help out. Proud to be a part of this institute!


Saniya Mirza

Centurion is the one name that will always pop in my head when asked about my NDA success. Big thanks to all the teachers for being super supportive and super patient with me and for being the driving force behind my achievements. I would a 100% recommend Centurion to every candidate who dreams to be in the armed forces, trust me this is your best chance to a future in defence.


Shurtika Mishra

Choosing Centurion Defence Academy for my NDA 149 prep was a turning point. No frills, just honest preparation. The classes were like a daily mission briefing – straight to the point. The mock tests were no joke, but they prepared me for the real deal. Big thanks to the awesome team at Centurion. Mission accomplished!


Shakti Singh

Centurion is the real deal, folks. The classes were interactive, and doubts were cleared on the spot. The mock tests were like dress rehearsals for the NDA exam. The faculty’s support and encouragement kept me going. Proud to say I’m now NDA 149 qualified, thanks to Sir Shishir Dixit and the team.


Arpit Raj Singh

Hats off to Centurion! The classes here are more like strategy sessions, and the faculty – absolute legends. The mock tests are a reality check and they fine-tuned my approach. These guys know what it takes to crack NDA. If you’re serious about it, look no further.


Navneet Singh

Centurion Defence Academy, you rock! practical classes, real-world examples – that’s how they roll. Their classes were more like battle strategy sessions – no time wasted. The faculty’s dedication is unmatched. And Shishir Sir’s guidance and unique strategical


Ayush Priyadarshi Verma

From my very first step into Centurion, they helped me to develop an honest commitment to excellence. Their comprehensive curriculum, designed by ex-defence professionals, equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to tackle the challenging CDS examination. CDS has been a dream come true for me. Thank you, Centurion.



What sets Centurion apart is not only the academic excellence but also the supportive and encouraging environment it provides. The motivational sessions, group discussions, and mock interviews played a very important role in polishing my communication skills and boosting my self-assurance. The faculty’s constructive feedback and constant support helped refine my approach and address my weaknesses.



I am proud to say that, thanks to Centurion Defence Academy, I am now an MNS officer. The academy’s guidance has not only shaped my career but also instilled in me the values and qualities essential for a successful journey in military nursing. Thank you, Centurion, for being the catalyst in my pursuit of excellence.



Centurion’s commitment to the success of its candidates extends beyond the classroom. The resourceful study materials, up-to-date information, and constant updates on relevant changes in the MNS selection process were crucial in keeping me well-informed and ahead of the curve. I am proud to say that with Centurion’s guidance, I successfully qualified for the MNS exam.


Saumya Sharma

Thank you, Centurion, for being the guiding light on my path to becoming an MNS-qualified candidate. And obviously, a great amount of credit for my success goes to Shishir Sir for always guiding me throughout my preparation and keeping me motivated enough to not give up on my dreams.



Centurion Defence Academy is more than just an educational institution; it’s a community that supports and uplifts its candidates. The healthy competition among candidates, facilitated by the academy’s environment, made the journey more enriching and collaborative. I am proud to share that, thanks to Centurion, I am now an MNS officer. And I am deeply grateful for the guidance, mentorship, and holistic preparation I received here.


Bharat Upadhay

It was the holistic training which helped me the most. The academy not only focuses on academic excellence but also places a strong emphasis on physical fitness, mental agility, and character development. Shishir Sir’s mentorship is an excellence beyond words. All I want to mention is that I would never have got a chance to join the Navy if not for these people who had my back the entire time.


Ashish Bhandari

One of the standout features of Centurion Defence Academy is its emphasis on practical training and real-world application. They go beyond theoretical knowledge, offering hands-on experiences and simulations that closely mirror the actual TES selection process. This unique approach not only enhanced my understanding of the subjects but also prepared me for the practical challenges and strategic problem-solving skills.