NDA Testimonial

Sagar Chahar

“My success undoubtedly helms and is very evidently defined by the experience I had at Centurion as the unmatched guidance, expertise and support I was fostered here has definitely helped me to crack my NDA in my very first attempt. Kudos to the team work and hard work of the entire faculty of professionals.”

SSB Students

Ravi Prakash Yadav

“No matter how many attempts, the firm belief and individual guidance strategy the institute fosters upon its students is definitely worthy. It took me four attempts but like a pillar Team Centurion was always there for me. The guidance of the experts at Centurion and my determination helped me crack my SSB.”

NDA Student Testimonial

Shashank Tiwari

“Centurion- The one stop destination for any defence aspirant as this Academy is unparallel with best of the learning material and guidance all available under one roof. For gaining a life changing experience with inheriting the best of knowledge, Come, join CDA and give your dreams a vision and be a force to reckon with.”


Urmi Kundu

“Centurion’s able and expert guidance translated my vision into reality. This institute really works wonders and if you really want to prove your worth and want to be recommended then just without thinking even once just come and join Centurion as I did.”



“The life changing experience and journey this Academy gave me was really awesome. The entire process and journey over here made me feel like being actually turned into an Army Officer. Teachers and Counselors are excellent here, guiding at each step and I find this to be the best NDA and SSB Coaching.”


Swati Srivastava

“How, Where and What to study and start”, all the questions have their answers at Centurion. Whenever you are looking for success think of no other name other than Centurion. Having qualified my MNS under the able and experienced guidance of the experts at Centurion made me achieve the wings of my dream”

Akash Review


“The way to get started and begin for SSB Interview was very well guided to me by Centurion Defence Academy. My trust was built and accomplished by Centurion,for all the aspirants the only coaching for success I personally recommend is Centurion.”

afcat students review

Priyanka Bhangari

“How to start and from where to get start? Centurion is the answer I got when I was looking for success. I have qualified SSB Interview under the guidance of the experienced experts around Lucknow at Centurion. ”

NDA Students Review

Hrishik Dwivedi

“This was my first attempt and my reliance on Centurion paved my way to be a Future Pilot of Indian Air Force. Like me set your goal and dream with Centurion, this academy can nurture any ordinary boy with extraordinary dreams.”

Students Review

Akshay Khanna

“A possible life-changing outcome is witnessed by me with Centurion. My success is very well defined in my experience I had in Centurion. A special thanks to Shishir Sir for his guidance and support in helping me to crack INET.”

Student Review

Akshat Srivastava

“The experience in this academy is awesome.It feels like you are actually being converted into an officer. Teachers are excellent and I find this to be the best NDA and SSB coaching.”

Airforce coaching


Garun Commando 2017 Batch IAF

“I have taken 6 months training at Centurion Academy and I have joined IAF (Indian Air Force).”

NDA coaching

Mridul Pandey

NDA-July 2017 Batch

“This Academy can nurture any ordinary boy for officer cadre like me in first attempt.”

Navy coaching

Surya Pratap Singh

January 2018 Batch

“I have taken 6 months training at Centurion Academy and finally I have joined IAF through Airforce X Group”

NDA coaching

Kushagra Dwivedi

NDA-January 2018 Batch

“Thankyou Centurion Defence Academy which help me to crack NDA Exam in my first attempt.”

NDA coaching

Anant Singh

NDA-January 2018 Batch

“When you are looking for guidance “What to do, How to do” the only name i will prefer is Centurion Defence Academy.”

CDS coaching

Mayank Yadav

NDA-Jan 2018 Batch

“Highly qualified, experienced and updated faculty for NDA written coaching provides students with the right guidance”

CDS coaching

Abhay Yadav

CDS-July 2019 Batch

“Very good and glad to be a part of it. It acts like an integral part of my career building.”

NDA coaching


NDA-Jan 2019 Batch

“I got selected from this academy. They thought me what I actually needed. Lesson plan and administration of this academy is very high.”

Mayank Singh

NDA-Jan 2019 Batch

“I had a great experience while learning .Well experienced facilities…Thank you so much for guiding me.Best NDA coaching in Lucknow, India.”

Best AFCAT Coaching

Anchal Singh

46 NCC SSB-June 2019

“I will surely recommend other candidates to join Centurion academy. My experience is very good specially thanks to teaching staff.”

Best NDA Coaching

Ayush Shukla

Navy Tech Entry 2020 Batch

“Centurion translated my vision into reality and led it by going to SSB Interview and making my recommendation into reality in Navy Tech. If you are willing to get recommended then come and join Centurion as I did.”

NDA coaching


NDA JAN 2020 Batch

“Everything is possible with Centurion I got selected from this academy, the best NDA coaching in Lucknow. All the aspiring candidates without wasting their time should come and join Centurion.”

NDA coaching


NDA July 2020 Batch

“It took 6 attempts, but Team Centurion was always there.Big and small tasks all performed and practiced under supervision of Centurion experts and my determination helped me to crack SSB.”

Best NDA Coaching


NDA JAN 2020 Batch

“Start with a clear vision of your ideal aim to crack for SSB Interview, then work backward to achieve it with Centurion. Teachers are excellent here and I find this to be the best NDA and SSB Coaching.”