Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center is the best defence coaching institute in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Centurion has a rich legacy of transforming young aspirants into officers in the armed forces. We provide holistic guidance for NDA, CDS, MNS+NEET, AFCAT and SSB Interview preparation. Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center not only trains candidates for the written examination but also prepares them for the SSB Interview. We have the best NDA coaching preparation center in Lucknow with a systemic guidance approach.

We follow the formula of Written Exam + SSB Interview guidance to maintain the highest selection rate. Centurion Defence Academy has secured the highest selections in the officer-cadre entries of the Indian Armed Forces. We are the top defence coaching institute across India. Besides NDA, CDS, MNS, and AFCAT, we have given recommendations for Army 10+2 TES, Navy 10+2 (B.Tech.) Cadet Entry Scheme, NCC Special Entry, TGC, SSC (Tech.), and many other officer-cadre entries to join the armed forces.

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center

Centurion Defence Academy Alambagh Branch

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center operates from two prominent locations: Alambagh and Indira Nagar. These two branches are conveniently accessible by all means: auto, cab, bus, metro, and railway. Lucknow Metro service has made it easier for the students of Centurion Defence Academy to reach both branches with convenience and safety. The Alambagh branch of Centurion Defence Academy is within walking distance of Singar Nagar Metro Station. Besides Singar Nagar, another nearby metro station for reaching Centurion Defence Academy’s Alambagh Branch is Krishna Nagar Metro Station, which is just a few hundred meters away.

Centurion Defence Academy Indira Nagar Branch

The Indira Nagar branch of Centurion Defence Academy is located in Subhansha Business Centre, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow. Like Alambagh, this branch is also well-equipped with the best learning infrastructure and all the required amenities to facilitate a conducive environment. One can conveniently access this branch by any means of transport. Further, the Indira Nagar branch of Centurion Defence Academy is just a few hundred meters away from Lekhraj Metro Station.

Why Join Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center?

Whether you are looking for the best NDA coaching in India, the best CDS coaching, top MNS coaching along with NEET preparation, the best AFCAT coaching institute, or the best SSB interview coaching in India, Centurion Defence Academy’s Lucknow Center is the most trusted choice among defence aspirants.

Holistic Guidance for Written Exams

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center equips you with well-researched content and complete study materials. Our highly experienced teachers ensure you cover the entire syllabus effectively. Regular doubt-clearing sessions and access to the Centurion Digital app for hybrid learning strengthen your understanding. We provide you with the latest content developed by our R&D team, including updated current affairs notes. To hone your exam skills, we conduct weekly mock tests, with a focus on practicing previous years’ question papers. Our assessment tools and a variety of practice sets and sample papers further enhance your preparation. We apply modern revision techniques to help our students build knowledge retention power.

Best SSB Interview Coaching

We understand that success in SSB interviews goes beyond academics. Hence, our program offers holistic guidance from India’s Elite SSB Panel, providing a comprehensive overview of the SSB interview process. You’ll gain insights into clearing screening tests and receive case study-based psychological guidance to enhance your mental and cognitive approach. To prepare you for the GTO tasks, we have India’s largest GTO ground with over 165 obstacles. Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center even provides specialized CPSS (Computerized Pilot Selection System) training led by a retired Air Force pilot.

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center Key Features

Here are the key features of Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center’s written exam preparation strategies.

  • Well-researched content
  • Highly experienced teachers
  • Complete study materials
  • Focus on syllabus coverage
  • Doubt-clearing sessions
  • Hybrid learning through the app
  • Latest content by R&D Team
  • Updated current affairs notes
  • Conducting weekly mock tests
  • Focus on the practice of PYQs
  • Performance assessment tools
  • Practice sets and sample papers
  • Modern revision techniques

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center provides the best SSB coaching in India. Here are the key features of Centurion’s 21-day SSB interview course.

  • Guidance by India’s Elite SSB Panel
  • Complete Overview of SSB Interview
  • Insights into Clearing Screening Tests
  • Case Study-Based Psych Guidance
  • Access to the Free Ranneeti SSB Book
  • Complete Dossier Assessment by IO
  • India’s Largest GTO Ground with 165+ Obstacles
  • Personal Interview Smart Techniques
  • Conduct of SSB Mock Interviews
  • CPSS Training by Retired Airforce Pilot

India’s Elite SSB Panel with DIPR-trained Assessors

Centurion Defence Academy is the best defence coaching institute in Lucknow, India, led by Sir Shishir Dixit, Founder-Director, and Chief SSB Mentor (Psychology). Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center has India’s elite SSB Panel with DIPR-trained assessors who have years of rich experience in assessing and evaluating thousands of candidates at various service selection boards (SSBs).

Both Lucknow and Dehradun Centers of Centurion Defence Academy have DIPR-trained assessors who have completed their training from the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

Our assessors provide complete guidance and personalized feedback for screening tests, psychological assessments, GTO, and personal interviews. With its holistic guidance approach, Centurion Defence Academy has secured the highest selection in the Indian Armed Forces.

Hybrid Learning through the Centurion Digital App

Centurion Defence Academy offers hybrid learning for defence exam preparation. Apart from providing the best content and study materials in offline mode through classroom coaching, the academy has developed a uniquely designed and highly interactive mobile application for online exam preparation.

The Centurion Digital App, the online learning platform of Centurion Defence Academy, helps ensure hybrid learning as it makes notes, mock tests, PDFs, and other learning resources easily accessible. Additionally, all online defence exam courses of Centurion Defence Academy can be accessed through the Centurion Digital App.

Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center Fee Details

Centurion Defence Academy provides affordable courses for defence exam preparation. The cost-effective courses of Centurion Defence Academy Lucknow Center offer financial aid to those defence aspirants who come from poor socio-economic backgrounds. Centurion Defence Academy is committed to providing equal opportunities to all deserving candidates who wish to join the Indian Armed Forces and serve the nation. Since the Lucknow Center of Centurion Defence Academy provides various courses, the fee might vary from one course to another. For the latest update related to our courses and fees, you can contact us on +91 9795977776.

+91 9795977776