Why Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion Defence Academy is the best coaching in India for NDA, CDS, MNS+NEET, AFCAT, and SSB Interview preparation. We provide offline classes in Lucknow and Dehradun. Our online courses are accessible through the Centurion Digital App. At Centurion Defence Academy, you will get the top coaching for NDA, as our comprehensive NDA course not only covers the written exam but also emphasizes complete SSB interview preparation. Over the past several years, we have consistently given the highest final selections for the National Defence Academy (NDA) and other officer cadre exams.

We have India’s elite SSB panel, providing students with profound insights into every aspect of the SSB interview, including screening, psychological testing, GTO, and personal interviews. We have been recognized as the best SSB coaching in India, as our students have received record recommendations from nearly all SSBs, spanning the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Our holistic approach and quality guidance establish us as the most popular defence coaching institute in India for officer cadre exams.

Why Centurian Academy

Our faculty members at Centurion Defence Academy are adept at creating well-researched and systematic study plans and devising solid exam preparation strategies. We employ the best teaching methodologies and techniques to provide our students with interactive classes, doubt-clearing sessions, notes, mock tests, and the latest study materials. By providing the right mentorship, quality training, individual guidance, and personalized feedback, we aim to develop both the academic and personality profiles of our students.

Written Exam Features of Centurion Defence Academy:

Centurion Defence Academy follows a systematic study plan for written exam preparation for NDA, CDS, MNS+NEET and AFCAT. As a leading defence coaching institute for officer-cadre exams, Team Centurion employs the following key features for written exam preparation.

1. Well-researched content:

Centurion Defence Academy provides carefully curated study material prepared after thorough research to ensure comprehensive coverage of all topics and concepts.

2. Highly experienced teachers:

With a team of retired armed forces officers and highly experienced and dedicated teachers, we provide students with expert guidance and mentorship for valuable insights and strategies.

3. Complete study materials:

We provide comprehensive study materials designed to cover the entire syllabus to facilitate a structured and effective preparation process.

4. Focus on syllabus coverage:

Our faculty members teach students according to systemically designed study plans to cover the entire syllabus on time so that students can get adequate time for revision.

5. Doubt-clearing sessions:

Regular doubt-clearing sessions provide students with the opportunity to address any queries or concerns they may have to ensure clarity and understanding of complex concepts.

6. Hybrid learning through the app:

Our Centurion Digital App combines traditional classroom teaching with modern technology and teaching tools to offer students a flexible and interactive learning experience.

7. Latest content by R&D Team:

Centurion’s dedicated research and development team continuously updates study materials and other learning resources to align with the latest exam patterns and trends.

8. Updated current affairs notes:

Staying updated with current affairs is crucial for defence exam preparation, and Team Centurion provides regularly updated notes to help students stay informed and prepared.

9. Conducting weekly mock tests:

Weekly mock tests simulate the real exam environment and help students assess their progress so that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and refine their strategies.

10. Focus on the practice of PYQs:

Centurion emphasizes the importance of practicing previous years’ question papers to enable students to familiarize themselves with the actual exam format and gain confidence.

11. Performance assessment tools:

With individual guidance and personalized feedback, we employ the best tools and resources for tracking and evaluating students’ performance and implementing targeted strategies.

12. Practice sets and sample papers:

In addition to mock tests and PYQs, Centurion Defence Academy provides a variety of practice sets and sample papers to help students reinforce their learning and exam preparation.

13. Modern revision techniques:

Highly experienced faculty members at Centurion Defence Academy employ modern revision techniques and strategies to ensure effective revision of key concepts before the exam.

SSB Course Features of Centurion Defence Academy:

Centurion Defence Academy is the best SSB coaching in India, providing comprehensive guidance to defence aspirants for success in the SSB interview process. Here are the key features of Centurion’s 21-day SSB interview course for earning a recommendation from the Services Selection Board to join the prestigious Indian Armed Forces.

1. Guidance by India’s Elite SSB Panel:

Centurion’s SSB Interview program offers holistic guidance from a panel of esteemed experts with extensive experience in the SSB selection process. DIPR-trained retired officers, IOs, GTOs, and defence professionals at Centurion Defence Academy provide students with detailed insights and strategies for success in the SSB Interview.

2. Complete Overview of SSB Interview:

At Centurion, defence aspirants receive a comprehensive overview of the SSB interview process to understand each stage whether it is the screening round (OIR and PP&DT), psychological assessments, GTO tasks, or personal interviews. Thorough guidance by trained officers enables candidates to approach the interview with confidence and readiness.

3. Insights into Clearing Screening Tests:

Psychologist Sir Shishir Dixit and other assessors at Centurion Defence Academy help defence aspirants get practical techniques on how to write, narrate and discuss the story in PP&DT. Thorough observations, guidelines, and strategies make it easy for our students to successfully clear the screening round during the first stage of the SSB selection process.

4. Case Study-Based Psych Guidance:

Through case study-based guidance, Centurion helps students develop the psychological skills and competencies necessary to tackle the various psychological assessments effectively. Team Centurion offers in-depth insights into the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), and Self Description Test (SDT), to enable and equip candidates to approach each test with clarity and confidence.

5. Access to the Free Ranneeti SSB Book:

At Centurion, our students get access to the free SSB book – Ranneeti, authored by Sir Shishir Dixit, our esteemed Founder-Director and Chief SSB Mentor (Psychology). “Ranneeti” is the best SSB book for case-study-based guidance for SSB, tackling psychological assessments with ease, gaining valuable tips and techniques for personal interviews, and a lot more.

6. Complete Dossier Assessment by IO:

Centurion conducts a thorough dossier assessment by Interviewing Officers (IOs) to provide students with valuable feedback and insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. Rigorous PP&DT, GPE, GD, Lecturette, and OIR practice sessions at Centurion help build the confidence of students to tackle all these assessments easily at the real SSB.

7. India’s Largest GTO Ground with 165+ Obstacles:

At Centurion Defence Academy, SSB aspirants benefit from practical training on India’s largest GTO ground equipped with over 165 obstacles, perfectly suitable for all SSBs, whether for the Army, Air Force, or Navy. These obstacles and structures provide our students with hands-on experience and preparation for the GTO tasks during the SSB interview.

8. Personal Interview Smart Techniques:

Centurion’s 21-day SSB Interview course prepares defence aspirants with smart techniques and strategies to excel in the personal interview round. Our program includes analysis of students’ Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) and mapping of their profiles to help them understand how to present themselves effectively during the interview.

9. Conduct of SSB Mock Interviews:

Centurion Defence Academy is the right platform for the best SSB mock interview preparation. Our DIPR-trained Interviewing Officers (IOs) take 2-3 mock interviews that closely simulate the SSB interview environment. This process allows students to practice and refine their interview skills under realistic conditions. After each mock interview session, students get personalized feedback from IOs to identify areas for improvement.

10. CPSS Training by Retired Airforce Pilot:

The Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) is a mandatory test used for screening candidates for the flying branch of the Indian Air Force. Centurion Defence Academy provides complete CPSS training by retired Indian Air Force pilots. Here you will get a complete understanding of the Cognitive Ability Test and Psychomotor Test, both being integral components of the CPSS Test. Our students such as Saniya Mirza, Harsh Kataria, Astha Pathak, and many more have successfully cleared the CPSS Test under the guidance of our defence professionals.

Miscellaneous Features of Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion provides students with medical guidance from professionals to ensure that they understand the medical standards required for the selection of officers in the Indian Armed Forces and how to maintain optimal health during the SSB interview process. Centurion Defence Academy has the most trusted team having rich experience to train SSB aspirants as per the DIPR guidelines. Our other miscellaneous features include daily free Spoken English classes, military awareness sessions, and profile mapping sessions conducted by Psychologist Shishir Dixit Sir. Hostel and mess facilities are also available to facilitate a conducive living and learning environment for our students.

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