Best SSB Coaching in India

Best SSB Coaching In Lucknow, India

Serving in Indian Armed Forces as an officer is actually a lot more than an element of pride and flaunting a uniform. An Army officer is known to be a person who is willing to lay down his life for the nation without any bias or prejudice. With this prestigious life, comes, responsibilities, national service and respect from all corners of the society all amalgamated into one. Centurion Defence Academy is India’s leading SSB Coaching given highest selection rate. With India Largest GTO Ground provide complete training of SSB Interview.

There are innumerable perks as well which include several allowances, job security, high pay scale, social status and a high quality of life. So we can say that the career at Indian armed forces as an officer is unbeatable by all means.

But, as they say, “Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there”. One needs to cross several hurdles to get to the summit and Centurion Defence Academy is the perfect place to get ready for the challenging expedition called SSB interview. Centurion Defence Academy is Top SSB Coaching in Lucknow.

Why Centurion Defence Academy for SSB Coaching?


SSB Interview consists of 5 days of rigorous testing of candidates through a complicated process. The Services Selection Board (SSB) tests students on the basis of physical, mental, social, educational, psychological and moral abilities. The best brains from all over the country compete to clear this examination and serve the nation with all the pride and honour.

We, at Centurion Defence Academy, with our meticulous attitude, dynamic approach and precision in the field of education, raise you to the very zenith of your ssb course preparation. We are Best SSB Coaching in Lucknow for SSB Training with enthusiastic atmosphere of the institute, the unmatched expertise of our first-rate faculty and one to one interaction with each instructor ensures that each and every concept is demonstrated deftly and every arduous concept is repeated effectively until the student grasps its implication.

Here, we’ll discuss why joining Centurion Defence Academy can help SSB aspirants increase their chances of recommendation, as well as other facilities that the academy provides.


  • With India’s elite SSB Panel, which includes eminent defence professionals, ex-SSB Board members, and Indian Armed Forces veterans, Centurion Defence Academy offers both online and offline NDA exam preparation.
  • It has two locations in Lucknow, including India’s largest GTO training facility, which prepares NDA candidates for group hurdles and other SSB Interview activities.
  • The Academy also offers a 21-day SSB Interview training and guidance plan which includes Personality Development, Physical Robustness & Mental Alertness, GTO, OIR, and Group Discussion for successful results in the SSB Interview.
  • The Academy provides educational facilities, professional SSB interview guidance, hostel and mess facilities, sports facilities, physical fitness training, and extra-curricular activities to NDA applicants.


Benefits of Joining Centurion’s SSB Coaching

Attending a coaching institute can help you increase your productivity and speed up your NDA preparation in constantly fierce competition. Centurion Defence Academy, the best NDA SSB Coaching in India, provides students with a comprehensive training plan under the supervision and mentorship of experienced professionals. The following are the most significant benefits of joining Centurion Defence Academy.

  • Providing conceptual-based learning to ensure that the complete curriculum is covered with ample time for essential concepts to be reviewed.
  • Candidates can use model test papers, mock tests, and test series to get a feel for the real exam while retaining accuracy and time management.
  • Under the guidance of the SSB Panel, which is made up of ex-Indian Armed Forces officers with years of experience and competency, comprehensive SSB Interview preparation can help potential candidates achieve their best outcomes.
  • A well-equipped library and state-of-the-art infrastructure with all necessary amenities create an environment that promotes a positive and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Content and study materials that have been thoroughly researched and are based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern, as determined by the R&D department.


When a student approaches us for admission, he is asked to fill up a questionnaire and based on a simple questionnaire; our maestro makes a decision about what course is most suitable to the student.

It is the dedication and expertise of our expert that we conduct this process as it’s vital that a student starts his journey towards the right direction. The following questionnaire is provided to every student and based on the answers, recommendations are done –

1- What is his academic profile?
2- What is his personality profile?
3- What is his intelligence level?
4- Where does he stand?
5- On that intelligence level, how much time he will take?

Does his personality traits suit or support him/her to join the officer cadre as this job requires peculiar or different set of personality traits?

Centurion Defence Academy a leading SSB Coaching in Lucknow, takes care of every step that the aspirant faces in SSB Interview examination. The first and outright crucial thing in SSB examination is a PIQ.

PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire), as the name suggests, is a form which is to be filled by each candidate before participating in any of the activities of selection.

We lay prime emphasis on the manner of filling the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) as it directly influences your chances of selection on each step.


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