centurion defence academy

Life At Centurion

The Centurion Academy runs each written and SSB Interview Coaching term according to his or her convenient course-plan, for an intensive 120 hours mandatory training. Even though this strict schedule keeps candidates occupied all day, they still find plenty of time to form lifelong friendships and make wonderful memories to cherish and share. On completing the course most students don’t want to part with their new found friends and find themselves accustomed to the busy yet fun routine at Centurion.


Working to win the hearts, Centurion Defence Academy brings a novel combo of unparalleled facilities for its students. Books or lectures alone do not bring success, other assistance are much needed. Centurion understands this importance of a holistic environment and hence it grants the following provisions:

Moral teaching aids+ best suitable infrastructure: Knowledge could be sustained only if gained in an effective ambience. Centurion provides a calm and peaceful surrounding with complete A.C and fully furnished classrooms. Moreover, mere academic knowledge is insufficient especially when it comes to defence. Hence Centurion indulges in moral teaching along with academics.

Centurion GTO Ground

GTO Ground

Centurion’- the name is best and so is the quality. We have our personal ground for GTO training. Our GTO experts who are also Ex. defence officer/Ex. Board Members take students for a tour to our grounds before the commencement of training. Add to that, Centurion has top class obstacle military training which includes: individual obstacles, command obstacles, full group obstacles, and half group obstacles.

R&D Department

Centurion Defence Academy has raised its standard to another level and a major reason is our R&D department. This department works dexterously to publish personalized books through deep research, analysis of important questions and evaluation of most relevant content. Also, Centurion gives free study material.

Online Lab

Online Lab

At Centurion you will find that treasure which is not available elsewhere, that is, a filtered question bank+ weekly mock tests whose results are immediately updated. Login panel and e- learning Being technology friendly, Centurion maintains username and password of each student which includes their attendance, receipts, tests attempted, result and all other details. This updated method helps to trace the student.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. True indeed! To keep our students active Centurion organizes various indoor and outdoor games. An annual sports meet is also organized wherein hidden talents of the students are exposed and there is a healthy competition between both the branches.

Centurion Library


Centurion is not a coaching but a complete Academy and our library is a proof this development. There is a 24*7 library with a plethora of great books available for students where they can study in a peaceful surrounding.

Activity Area

Activity Area

Not only sports but also interaction keeps you active. At Centurion there are interactive between students and proficient personalities sessions at all India level.

Centurion Hostel

Hostel Facility

Probably the only coaching which lends food and lodging facilities, Centurion takes care of the student’s stay as well. Hostels ranging at low cost from 5500 to 7000 are available, along with provision of A.C/ cooler+ attendance register+ CCTV cameras+ appropriate warden. Moreover the hostels are near to academy premises.

centurion mess

Mess Facility

Adjoined to hostel is the mess. Since students come at Centurion from all over India with each having different taste buds hence we provide multicuisine. Be it south Indian food, Mughlai, Gujrati or Rajasthani we have all food variety that too at an easily affordable cost.

Centurion Extra curricular activities

Extra- curricular activities

Centurion Defence Academy provides platform to its students to explore their skills through participating in various cultural activities. We conduct cultural programs at different occasions such as Independence Day and others wherein students get to showcase their talents.