Sagar Success Story

Sagar Chahar (NDA Jan 2021 Batch)

Amid the uncertainties posed by the pandemic of COVID 19 and otherwise, Sagar Chahar stayed determined to achieve his goal of securing admission in National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla in Pune, Maharashtra. He got recommended from 11 SSB Allahabad. In order to achieve similar glorious success, come what may one should never lose sight of one’s goal. Sagar was motivated to maintain identical focus by defence services experts at Centurion Defence Academy (CDA), Lucknow. He prepared for SSB at CDA. In the batch of NDA – 145, Sagar was declared victorious amongst 69 eligible candidates who reported for SSB. Out of these eligible ones, 28 were screened and finally 5 got recommended. Sagar got recommended in his very first attempt for Indian Army. In a way, he realized his call.

It is true that tough times do not last, tough people do. Sagar Chahar owes a significant part of his success to the persistent efforts of his mentor Sir Shishir Dixit, founder director of Centurion Defence Academy. CDA, a renowned institution known for preparing aspirants seeking promising careers in the Indian armed forces, has innumerable alike success stories to its credit. Sagar brought laurels to his near and dear ones by way of obtaining an opportunity to serve his nation, which he deeply wishes to, as an officer in the armed forces.

AFCAT Success Story

Ashish Sangwan (AFCAT 2020 Batch)

A joyful life, positive vibes and feel-good energy, of Haryanvi boy Ashish Sangwan encourages us to look to the future with high hopes. Ready to fly high Ashish Sangwan is all set to join the Indian Air Force with his biggest hit on Day 6 CPSS selection at AFSB Dehradun. He is on the top of the world with the colossal success over his AFCAT-I-2020 triumph. Ashish made it clear during COVID 19 tussle at AFCAT-I-2020 AFSB where 153 Reported 53 Screened-In 3 Recommended.

Recommended at 1 AFSB, Dehradun, Ashish Sangwan is the third person to continue the legacy of his family to greater extent. The more and more you come closer to your dream the clearer and bolder you become. The core mission of Ashish Sangwan career is to join Indian Air Force after his father and elder brother. Ashish Sangwan acknowledges his elder brother Pankaj Sangwan and Founder Director Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy over his achievement.

Graduating from Delhi University with inclination towards arts modeling, event management, theaters, Ashish Sangwan journey has always been exciting and interesting.  ‘The yelling at top can only be worth if your screams are pointed into the right direction’, marking to his words Ashish fixity of purpose and resolution targeted AFCAT-I-2020 Written exam and AFSB.

Centurion, one of the premier coaching has always been in the limelight for its tremendous results and his mentor’s guidance gave him the urge to conquer his passion.  Making it a perfect victory Ashish achieved it for everyone close to him and for the nation to whom he is dreaming to serve one day.

nda success story

Swastish Pandey (NDA July 2020 Batch)

During lockdown and COVID 19 haunting circumstances when everyone was busy in fearing and hiding themselves Swastish Pandey made his target toward his dream & passion –NDA . Swastish gave the answer in his winning style with 97% ICS board exam and NDA SSB recommendation from 20 SSB Board Bhopal. The more you get closer to what you fear the more chances of winning a battle is determined, being a true inspiration for fighters he simply showed everyone that when obstacles arise change your direction to reach your goal but do not change your decision to get there. 64 Reported 18 Screened In 4 Recommended at NDA -144 Batch where Swastish Pandey nailed to his victory throne and made it clear that a difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose – a cause to pursue, a dream to fulfill, and a goal to achieve.

Swastish Pandey, son of a primary school teacher showers pride of his achievement to his father and mentor of his career Founder Director Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy. Sincerity and affection thrust upon him made it perfect when an arrow hit the target at the right place.

Dazzling bright star manifested honour and pride for Centurion Defence Academy, Swastish (NDA Foundation Batch) gave a befitting reply to COVID 19 tension. Centurion, one of the premier coaching has always been in the limelight for its tremendous results and his mentor’s guidance gave him the urge to conquer his passion. Making it a perfect victory Swastish achieved it for everyone close to him and for the nation to whom he is dreaming to serve one day where today he is a selected cadet.

Abhishek Success Story

Abhishek Mishra (NDA July 2020 Batch)

The envisioning process ignited by interpersonal interaction, candor regarding shortcomings and a readiness to change utmost degree of perfection. The need acknowledged and objectively determined under a superfluous exhibition of courage and determination with the announcement of Abhishek Mishra’s recommendation on 22nd March, 2020 for NDA 144 course from 1AFSB Dehradun.
Neither Corona pandemic nor 1st attempt rejection could avert Abhishek’s NDA victory, 15 days marginal gap between TES SSB Conference Out and NDA SSB Recommendation triggered the right core of Abhishek. Unwanted COVID-19 hurdle failed to drift apart Abhishek that pictured on fifth day i.e. on 22nd March with Janta Curfew followed by till date national lockdown.
Abhishek bestow this success to his father-mother and mentor of his career Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy, a brand that maintains its trademark – as students satisfaction to its priority. Centurion Founder Director Shishir Dixit- Air Veteran, Psychology expert who imparted, trained for psychology in depth and focused on psychology tests practice with realistic and approachable attempt.
Family love and support to the fullest extent to expert guidance and motivation from the living legends of Indian Forces, CDA is the major reason Abhishek exceptional victory. The result to which can be viewed into 99 Reached SSB centre, 59 Screened In and10 Recommended, Abhishek one among them.

SSB Success Story

Adarsh Kumar (TES-43 SSB 2020)

What a determined attempt Adarsh Kumar upfronted to join Indian Army as an officer, he just added an extra scintillating layer of success to beginning of his career. It’s been an almost incredible tale of triumph as he did not presume about what he is doing and how long do he need to put his efforts on it, the only thing he had in mind was just to keep it all in check and organized. When its real its effortless and supreme Adarsh Kumar in his first attempt cracked TES-43 SSB 2020 get recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad Board.
Adarsh Kumar son of Gateman Bache Lal bestows his success to his father and mentor of his career Founder Director Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy. His father trusted his son choice of career and the coaching he joined for his preparations.
Centurion one of the premier coaching has always been in limelight for its tremendous results and his mentor guidance gave him the urge to conquer his passion. Designing and framing Adarsh mind was something Shishir Sir had always enjoyed- the manner of doing prepartion, attending regular classes, time mangaement and how he cross question to clear all his doubts during doubts sessions are some of his best efforts he showed during his prepartion.
Making it a perfect victory Adarsh Kumar acheived it for everyone close to him and for the nation to whom he is dreaming to serve one day where today he is a selected cadet.

SSB Success Story

Rohit Kumar Singh (NDA July 2020 Batch)

Things turned out best for Rohit who made best at SSB Interview by clearing CPSS round on 6th day and getting selected in Flying Branch from 4AFSB Varanasi .
An epitome of Rohit success is dedicated by him to his father who drives a rented auto and provided him with everything he could afford for him. A proud moment of his father after his selection for NDA July 2020 will never fade from his eyes. Rohit deeply understood an urge to adopt all necessary measures to guarantee his success and his vision was met by Founder Director Shishir Dixit Sir of Centurion Defence Academy who entirely helped him during his preparation process by granting him scholarship under SRNTH for extension of his classes after his tenure of 6 months got over. His instructions showered light on the difficulty of SSB Interview and Centurion Defence Academy day night smart classes, ground training, expert counseling, study materials, success tricks, mock interview and test series could be best for each aspirants.

SSB Success Story

Akash Yadav (NDA July 2020 Batch)

Like any common defence aspirant, Akash Yadav was dedicatedly working hard to accomplish his goals and life of his dreams.
Akash Yadav , created history on 7th February 2020 by earning recommendation from 19 SSB Board, Allahabad for NDA JULY 2020 Batch. Never give up spirit of Akash is expressed in these lines ‘You are responsible for your own good. Once you run away from your responsibilities you will not acquire what you desired for’ brought him nearer to his dreams. So far the best result of Akash is registered with Centurion Defence Academy also includes his noteworthy performance for Airforce X-Y and Navy AA exam in his first attempt was commendable. But his desire to join Indian Armed forces as an Officer was much stronger ,due to which he did not go for Airforce X-Y and Navy AA joining and continued putting Efforts for NDA Exam.
Akash excitement doesn’t seem to be clearly expressed in words by him. An ecstatic Centurion who was feeling extremely thankful to Founder Director Shishir Sir for translating his gratitude into words was visible in his speech. How Shishir Sir communicated his excellence into classes, practices sessions, interview and group discussions special classes was phenomenal in Akash SSB preparation journey.

SSB Success Story

Tushar Singh Jeena (NDA July 2020 Batch)

Whatever Tushar Singh Jeena has experienced in his life is a part of his story, and we all are proud of that. He is someone who wakes up early, works all day, believes in hard-work, practical minded, diligent, accountable, and problem-solving. Tushar Singh Jeena is so much about school, consistency, sincerity and tradition that in his first attempt he had cracked 34 SSB Allahabad for NDA July 2020 on 10 July 2020.
Self-confidence is a state of mind that can be achieved through intentional action and Tushar constructive time management strategies were his plan of action for SSB Interview selection. He preferred to study, exercise and practice in the Centurion Defence Academy to nurture his mind and stamina in preparation.
The Centurion Defence Academy involvement into NDA course and professional & personal relationships with each candidates had self-ensured his selection from Centurion Academy. Tushar has made his family, friends and Centurion proud.

SSB Success Story

Priyanka Bangari (AFCAT 2020 Batch)

To all the young girls who are powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams, can discern that Priyanka Bangari’s achievement is an addition to it.
Priyanka, BTC student from Lucknow ,in her first attempt appeared confidently for her SSB Interview on 17th February and gets recommended from 4AFSB, Varanasi on 21st February. Her maternal great grandfather was the source of inspiration for her , motivated her to join Air Force and serve the motherland.
Encouraged and motivated by her elder brother defence preparation she followed her brother footsteps and joined the best coaching of Defence for her SSB Interview i.e. Centurion Defence Academy. Applauding the Centurions she specifically recalls how along with the teachers her class fellows also contributed to her success, always let her stand and hold herself strong throughout her process.
The essence of conquering your battle is realized when you are totally involved in bit by bit process and mentors at Centurion made her do so . In SSB Interview overall performance is excellent only when you know how to reach their, how to react in situations installed for you and all this is achieved under Shishir Sir guidance she concluded. Accepting the fact that his words were magic for her and she got more than expectation from centurion, the Founder Director Shishir Sir is an excellent teacher, very nice and humble person and approachable every time to every students. Priyanka success mantra is simple don’t behave under pressure or stress for anything just perform your best and give genuine and real answers and rest is your success only.

SSB Success Story

Shashwat Dwivedi (NDA July 2020 Batch)

A village is a glass, where nothing unobserved can pass, you may live in an unknown small village, but if you have big ideas, the world will come and find you anywhere and our Indian Army has found one of them, Shashwat Dwivedi from a small village Kailawn, Bighapur in Unnao district.
Shashwat Dwivedi is recommended from 18 SSB Board Allahabad and made it to Indian Army in his 6th attempt after cracking NDA exam. An aspiring village boy become more and more affected by social challenges he faced around him but for Shashwat these challenges set him on fire and boosted him to crack Air Force X group in 2018, Navy AA/SSR in 2019 and NDA/SSB Interview in 2020 on a row. The question that do you have it in you kept him going every time . When he visited Centurion Defence Academy for the first time he surrendered himself to Team Centurion completely for preparation of his dream career.
A person with a universal mind who lived in Indian Armed Forces know the world much better than a person with a local mind and same is his experience with Shishir Sir. He acknowledged Sir’s Psychology classes mentioning that initially psychology was difficult and challenging for him but later it became his strength and is going to rest with him forever his life.

SSB Success Story

Hrishik Dwivedi (NDA July 2020 Batch)

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out for them, a saying believed and accepted by Hrishik Dwivedi for cracking his SSB Interview and getting recommended from 4 AFSB, Varanasi for Flying Branch on 1 Feb 2020, in his first attempt. Clear and concise in his mind Hrishik perfectly know he had to join Centurion Defence Academy for accomplishing his dream career so immediately after his 12th exam he joined NDA Tejas batch.
Hrishik was confident since childhood that one day he will become a Fighter Pilot of Indian Air Force and this helped him throughout his schooling to SSB Interview journey. His prime focus never allowed him to change his mind, opted PCM subjects in intermediate to apply for Flying Branch in NDA.
Many of the ornamental processes which Hrishik admire in Centurion are the easy availability of on ground and off ground expertise training sessions, interactive sessions, study material, success tricks, mock interview and test series he achieved during his preparation. He eagerly acknowledged the Founder Director of Centurion Shishir Sir, whose personal guidance, experience, methods of preparation has always encouraged and built his confidence during SSB Interview.

SSB Success Story

Akshay Khanna (INET 2020 Batch)

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all the abundance. Reviving about Akshay Khanna personality, he can never be get unnoticed by anyone and surprisingly same was the response of Shishir Sir who knew at his first glance that Akshay is definitely going to get recommendation in Indian Navy. A teacher can never mis-interpret his students his task is to help children to climb their own mountains, as high as possible and Shishir Sir helped him completely.
Akshay Khanna got recommended in Indian Navy through INET Entry in his 1st attempt with 159 candidates Reported, 25 candidates Screened In and Akshay Recommendation. The immensity of the admiration and veneration after result announced were epic for Akshay. His plan of action was drafted and personally securitized by Founder Director of Centurion Defence Academy Shishir Sir who was keen interested in his SSB performance.
Quality is the result of a carefully constructed educational, professional and personal environment. It has to be the backbone of the coaching, Centurion backbone is its mission to ensure real time quality study material, mock test, doubt clearing sessions, revision sessions, online portal, personality development and SSB Interview step by step test practice with demonstration and examples. Summing up all Centurion features on a single go Akshay selection was an inspiration for all the SSB aspirants.

SSB Success Story


29 April, 2019 marked a day of joy and victory for Vaibhav Srivastava. He started his journey from Raebareli with the dream of seeing himself as a part of Indian Armed Forces. Vaibhav belonged to 19 SSB Allahabd, 10+2 TES 42 course. Amongst 384 candidates who reported, 40 were screened and 9 got recommended. Vaibhav was one of the fortunate 9.
Centurion Academy is prime witness of the genius of Vaibhav Srivastava. He worked day and night with utmost determination. Not only multi talented but also studious, socially active and well behaved, Vaibhav is the outstanding jewel of Centurion Academy. Telling from his personal experience, Vaibhav showered light on the difficulty of SSB interview but with his smart work and relentless preparation given by Centurion Academy, Vaibhav could fulfill his lifelong dream. On 1 st September the result was out and Vaibhav’s family hailed with pride.
Centurion longs to see the number of such champions rising and wish a life full of success to dear Vaibhav.

SSB Success Story

Shubham Tiwary (NDA Jan 2020 Batch)

On the bright, sunny morning of 28th July, 2019 Shubham Tiwary opened his eyes to garlands and smiling faces of his family members. Belonging to Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Shubham Tiwary, one of the proud students of Centurion Defence Academy cracked SSB for NDA from 18 SSB Allahabad. He reported for the interview on 24th July with 35 other candidates out of which 23 were screened and 9 got recommended. Our dearest NDA candidate, Shubham is amongst those lucky 9.

Shubham is the first from his family to make it to Indian Army. Highly self motivated, Shubham wanted to be different, to diverge from 9 to 5 jobs and this inspiration kindled a winning spirit within him. He pursued his education from Hilltop School, Jamshedpur. He has an X factor, something which makes him standout- he is a multi talented, highly skilled person and hence NDA is the most appropriate career to showcase his active personality.
Centurion feels honored to have taught such a brilliant student!

SSB Success Story

GOKUL (NDA Jan 2020 Batch)

Sweets in every hand and word of congratulations on every lip was the scene on 08 August, 2019 when Gokul’s mother heard about his selection. Oh yes, the first to join defence forces from his family, Gokul proudly cracked SSB for NDA from 12 SSB Bangalore. He belongs to Pilibhit and is the first one of January 2020 batch to be selected in SSB.

A multi talented personality, Gokul triumphed all rounds in an outstanding manner be it the PPDT session, the 2 GDs, interview, or individual tasks. He also acknowledged the support given by Centurion Academy. The academy offered an unprecedented help in form of authentic training+ expert counseling+ enhancement of communication skill+ most relevant study material.
We dream to multiply this list of champions and if you dream the same then join Centurion and let your name top the list!

SSB Success Story

ANCHAL (46 NCC 2019)

Accelerating girl quotient, Anchal has somewhere made the women strata of our society proud. Anchal qualified SSB interview from 21 SSB Bhopal branch. Her interview commenced on 28 th June, 2018.

Giving a detailed description of her experience and tricks, Anchal said that the 1 st round was that of PPDT wherein she aimed to satisfy herself because self satisfaction will automatically lead to selection. Confidently clearing this round, Anchal rendered a good interview. The interviewing officers were fairly impressed by her simple, direct and up- to- point answers.

Snake race, 2 GDs, individual obstacle, half- group and full- group task were next in queue. Anchal completed 8+1 individual obstacle, thus receiving an extra point. She also did 54 SRTs, which is a grand record! But the road is not always smooth. Anchal got the most difficult command task, that is, bomb diffusion. However courage made it possible for her to win. For Lecturette, Anchal gave an impressive 2.5 minutes speech on ‘medical reform’.
Lastly Anchal extends her note of thanks to Centurion Acadmey wherein she received a compact pack of SSB training+ ground training+ personal books + interactive sessions + weekly tests+ co- curricular activities.

SSB Success Story

AKSHAT (NDA July 2019 Batch)

Bright in studies, Akshat proved his talent by qualifying NDA in 1 st attempt from Allahabad SSB branch. Akshat had a long age dream to join defence and hence joined Centurion immediately after his board exam. As the exam was scheduled in September, 2018 he took admission in July, 2018 and utilized the 2 months to the utmost.

Akshat’s strategy rested upon 4 pillars: utilize the guidelines given by Centurion+ lots of practice+ attempt maximum questions+ enhance your personality. Reflecting upon personality development, Akshat said that studies only aid in written exam. One needs to explore more and make friends, boost his interactive skill, have an adventurous spirit, and be active in co- curricular activities for good SSB interview.

Appreciating the endeavor of Centurion Academy, Akshat said that he had an amazing experience in this institute. Not only the guidance but the exposure provided here was highly helpful for SSB interview. He acknowledged the interactive faculty+ personalized, concise and accurate study material+ SSB training+ GTO and psychology tasks training+ short tricks for mathematics+ mock interviews+ rapid fire question practice+ PIQ form training+ provision of platform for cultural activities and sports.